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Thursday, May 5, 2016

"Return to Hues" by Synful Desire

Greetings Readers, Writers and Precious Patrons! In case you were unaware, May is National Short Story Month. As part of this month, representatives from the All Authors Publishing House will be stopping by to share snippets of their short stories.

First up, we have Synful Desire. 

One of the first individuals signed to All Authors Publishing House, she made her debut with her micro-short "Kona". Since then, Synful Desire has gone on to write independent works as well as contribute to anthologies. 

One anthology series she is a part of is Concordant Vibrancy. Today, she shares a bit of her contribution in the 2nd book in the Concordant Vibrancy series Vitality, with her contemporary tale "Return to Hues".


It was a great day to be in Krimsdale Park. There was not a cloud in the sky and the humidity was miniscule, practically none. In the distance, the other kids had gathered, showing off their latest summer toys.
Gracie wanted to be part of the fray. She had something that would outshine the flock. Four big shiny balloons—one red, one blue, one yellow, and one green. No, they didn’t cost a lot of money but they could fly. She bet they could fly higher than Dirk McGregor’s kite—the one that he’d brag about whenever he had an audience.
Yet, her parents were being incredibly stubborn until she pulled out the final weapon in her arsenal. Her deep set green eyes misted and her pink bottom lip poked out in a frown. Soon, her mom’s gaze softened, followed by her mom looking at her dad. Gracie recognized the parents’ unspoken language and she prayed Mom was telling Dad subliminally to reconsider.
“All right Gracie but only for a little while.” Her dad relented.
Gracie let out a whoop and ran towards the crowd, remembering to keep a tight grip on her four balloons. Dirk spotted her approaching, opting to step in front of her path. He gripped his shiny new kite and placed it in front of his chest. Dirk’s stance reminded Gracie of a knight, putting his shield before his body in preparation for an attack.
“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Goosie Gracie!” The other kids circled around Gracie, repeating the dreaded nickname in a sing-song fashion.
The melodious taunting did not deter her. “You think you’re so great with your new kite. I bet you that my balloons can fly higher than your stinky ol’ kite!”
The crowd paused in mid note. Dirk’s expression went from shock, to confusion, to a blip of anger before settling on confidence. “All right Goosie Gracie, you’re on.”

Author Bio

"Surrender is Liberation."

Synful Desire surrenders herself to write whatever resides in her mind. More often than not, these things laugh and rebel against what is accepted in society. She likes to think there are readers who yearn for something more, whether it be a different twist on an old narrative or advocacy of out the box situations.

Synful Desire is a part of the All Authors Publishing House family. That is what the organization feels like to her. 

Current Works are as follows:

Solo Releases
  • Kona
  • Delectable Things: Special Edition
  • Alan, Fay & Demona
  • H.E.R. (Handy: Extended Release)

Collaborative Work
  • Simmer: Smoothe & Sweet (with Adonis Mann)

Anthology Inclusions
  • "Derailed Endurance", "Final Prep to Happiness", "FAN-tasy Island" (part of Continuous Drips)
  • "Lester's Release" (part of Concordant Vibrancy: Unity)
  • "Seven Days of Stimuli" (part of Crackles of the Heart: Divergent Ink)
  • "Return to Hues" (part of Concordant Vibrancy: Vitality)

Connect with Synful Desire on her website Synful Interludes, her Facebook Author Page, or Twitter @synful_desire.