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Monday, May 2, 2016

Book Feature with S.M. Starkey

Dear Readers, Writers, and Precious Patrons,

Today on All Authors Blog, we are pleased to feature S.M. Starkey and her book Beyond The Falcon.


John and Evelyn Hawkins were on their final expedition with their partner, Mitch, to find what they believed was an old mine named 'Beyond the Falcon'.  It was a ghost town with a scant recorded history hidden away in the shadows for one hundred years until John found its remains while elk hunting.  After years of trying, the funding for these adventures was drying up.  This was their last chance, but something, call it fate or the spirits of the Rockies, led them right to it.  Little did they know, this was only the beginning of their journey Beyond The Falcon.

Author's Note: 

Sometimes, when you look closely, you can see a falcon through the snow - Wings cupped for the strike and talons braced for the kill.  You may think you can hear the scream - The warning of the kill that freezes the prey as it echoes through the valleys and beyond.  

In 1963, my husband discovered the remnants of a town above Williams Creek Lake near Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  There, he saw a huge brass bell on the floor of an old structure.  It was inscribed, ‘1864’.  After much research, I learned that the bells were from Salt Lake City, and sent out with each expedition to settle a new area. 

If you ever have occasion to walk the Rocky Mountains along the Great Divide, stop and listen - 

You, too, may find yourself Beyond The Falcon.


About the Author: 
S. M. Starkey is a retired paralegal with years of experience working for and with former political figures.  Her background includes engineering technology for global manufacturing entities, project coordination for large commercial construction interests, freelance journalist for the equine industry, amd a legal, political, and historical columnist/feature writer until 2005.