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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Behind The Scenes: The Lividity of Vitality

How Concordant Vibrancy Came to Fruition

Four score and seven years ago …


Oh, wait, that the start of something else.

Now, where were we? Ah, yes! Concordant Vibrancy. First, we have to take a trip back in time.

After Self-Published Indie Authors Support Group transformed into All Authors Support Group, founder Y. Correa wanted to blossom in other areas.

First, Y wanted a spot where authors could read about other authors, via All Authors Blog and All Authors Magazine.

Then, Y wanted an area to deliver author services—All Authors Graphic Design.

In addition, due to some of the horror stories that she heard from traditional and indie authors alike, Y wanted to provide an area where one could choose the level of representation while still holding on to facets of their own creativity via All Authors Publishing House.

Although All Authors Support Group has faded into the sunset, it planted the seeds for the current All Authors Publications & Promotions.

An item which was of paramount importance to the organization was to have caveats to show appreciation for dedication, not just to the authors who are part of the All Authors Publishing House but also the people who work diligently with All Authors Magazine. One perk was the invitation to be a part of an anthology series, sponsored by All Authors.

After scrambling our brains to figure out what to call it, we finally settled on Concordant Vibrancy.

Concordant: consistency, harmony

Vibrancy: pulsating with life, vigor or activity

The purpose of the Concordant Vibrancy series is to have members of the All Authors family—from all different genres—come together under one theme and showcase their vibrancy via their words. 

The 1st book in the series was subtitled Unity. Utilizing leaves as the representation of earth and connective component, the participants adopted their renditions of what symbolized Unity through their writings. 

This next book—the 2nd in the Concordant Vibrancy series—is subtitled Vitality, represented by wind. The theme question “What force drives your spirit?” brought forth all types of answers—from essays to short stories.

Check out the incredible talent in Unity, Vitality, and future installments of the Concordant Vibrancy series.