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Friday, March 4, 2016

Author Spotlight, Alisha Guenzel

Hello RWPPs,

Today on All Authors we're proud to Spotlight Alisha Guenzel and her book McGregor Sins.


Jonas McGregor was a traditional cowboy. He had many secrets under his cowboy hat. To reveal them would be to admit he was human. Instead he chose the life his daddy planned out for him: To be the best horse whisperer in Montana.

Everything has its limits, even as a boy he wanted it all. So when his brother Marcus showed interest in their next door neighbor he had to pull a prank that would set his life on a different course.

Years later many events happen to unravel Jonas’ mistakes. Which causes his family to fall apart. His sons Jason, Jesse, and Jude are stuck in the middle of their families past sins. But can they overcome the past and look to the future? Or will they ruin their chances of happiness and love when they meet three women who makes them more than The McGregor Legacy?

Author Bio

Alisha Guenzel is a Romance Novelist. Writing has been her life since she was but eight years old. She bases her stories off of her passions. Romance, Horses, Family, and the need to have a happy ending.

She has her happy ending with her husband and children and although writing is part of her she loves to spend time with them as a past time.