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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Concordant Vibrancy 2 Blog Tour: D. John Watson

D. John Watson grew up in an All American town of Mansfield, Connecticut, close to the University of Connecticut. Having a sickly childhood translated into continuous book reading, fantasy fiction being his favorite. This love for reading eventually grew into a love for writing.
Later on in life, Mr. Watson endeavored to learn the mystics of martial arts, and later ventured to write his first book. The result was The Chronicles of Irindia Series.
Mr. Watson has had the opportunities of having been part of All Authors Magazine, and Concordant Vibrancy: Unity, An All Authors Anthology with his story "Messarii's Blood Hunt".
In 2007 Mr. Watson and his family moved to Okeechobee Florida and a few years later left the Florida sunshine for the long hard winters of Massachusetts, where he currently resides. Currently D. John Watson is working diligently in completing "The Gatherer" as well as a hand full of other projects. Meanwhile, he owns and administrates "Artistic Reflections" a blog made for author advocacy, and "Irindia and Beyond" a blog dedicated to all things Irindia.

What prompted you to be part of Concordant Vibrancy 2: Vitality?

I had a lot of fun being part of the first volume and I’m excited to be part of the second one. I wanted to a part of the second edition of Concordant Vibrancy because of the question it asks. We have strong drives and how we use them are part of what defines us. My story explores two of those drives, survival and greed and how much my characters are willing to do to satisfy them.


“Look,” James said as he reached into his pocket and produced a clear card and passed it over.  “I thought you might be interested in this.  I have a cousin who runs a small clinic on the edge of the city, very exclusive, very discreet but it might be your only hope.”
Oin picked up the card.  “What is it?”
“Cellular rejuvenation … Cloning.”
“Isn’t that illegal?” He asked with raised brows.  The practice had been banned since the late 2300’s after a pitched war between loyalists and a genetically created army on Earth.  The war had gone on for nearly ten years, before the cloning centers that had bred the rebel soldiers were destroyed.  From then on, the science had been banned in the interest of Federation security.
“Come on Oin, when has that ever stopped you?  Look, he takes your genetic code and injects it into an egg.  A few days later, he transfers your thoughts and memories into the finished duplicate.  You die but your duplicate is young enough not to raise suspicion, plus you leave everything to him.  In essence, you’ve extended your life another seventy or eighty years and in the process, he weeds out the gene that caused this disease in the first place.”
  Oin picked up the card and flipped it over.  In big, bold letters were the words, “Life Extension Inc.” 
So I would need to draw up a new will …?”
Oin looked at the card in his hand.  Another seventy or eighty years, maybe ninety and then he could do it again.  It was virtual immortality, with a new body every time.  “Are you sure about this?”
James nodded.  “He was an award winning researcher in Gen. Tech before the ban on cloning shut down his company and he was forced to go underground.  His techniques were cutting edge.  Look, at least go down and check it out for yourself.  What have you got to lose?”
That much was true, he was already dead, it was only matter of time before he passed on.  Here he was being offered a chance to live on, in another body but with the same knowledge. “I guess you’re right, there really isn’t much for me to lose anymore.”