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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Concordant Vibrancy 2 Blog Tour: Adonis Mann

Adonis Mann has a style all his own. He does not always give his characters names, as his sole intent is for the audience to place themselves in the characters world; to make the reader and the character one. Yet, when he does, it does not take away from the marvel that are his prose. Embellishing his writing with seductive verbiage makes each story unique in its own right and also makes Adonis Mann’s literature singular and unparalleled.
Dive into Adonis Mann’s world and the syncopation of ravishing intensity that is his exposition. Every story is guaranteed to beguile your imagination and soothe your hunger for a linguistic aphrodisiac.

Current Works:
1. Featured in “Concordant Vibrancy: Unity, An All Authors Anthology” with his short story “… and we”
2. “Let’s Play on Valentine’s Day”
3. Featured in “Crackles of the Heart: Divergent Ink Book One” with his short story “Mystical Nights”
4. “… and we”
Future Projects:
1. “The Syncopation of Ravishing Intensity” An LGBTQIA Anthology
Aside from writing Mr. Mann also enjoys reading, reviewing, thought experiments and cooking.

What prompted you to be part of Condordant Vibrancy 2: Vitality?

I opted to become a part of "Concordant Vibrancy 2" because I believe in the project. Apart from it being a great opportunity to get works out, it is also a venture that I have the utmost faith in. The theme was powerful and the collective total of participants, highly talented. I look forward to being a part of each edition.


The space smelled of sandalwood incense. The soft hum of the air conditioning ran in the background and muffled voices chattered above it. The buzz of the hair clippers resounded as they ran across the soft skin of someone's head.
Friendly voices murmured, the ambiance peaceful and homey. It was hard to find barbershops that made one feel at home. Needless to say, here I felt tranquil and was content to sit, people watch and listen.
Human observation was my favorite pass time—what moved them, what lingered in their minds, the things people did—all of it, was to my personal enjoyment. Nothing fascinated me more.
The walls were dated. A worn color of off-white and covered with age’s worth of memorabilia. Posters, pictures, ticket and what have you. Each piece provided a unique look to the already lovely environment.
There was a quintessential rhythm and flow that contributed all the more to my enchantment with this place.
Boys treated like little men, and older men imparting their lifelong wisdom to anyone who would lend a listening ear.

Moments like this reminded me of my childhood.

A "mom and pop" spot that my father used to take me to. Mostly, because of the environment rather than their incomparable ability to cut hair, as any barbershop would do for that. My father would sit back and chat with his lifelong buddies about sports, the lottery and countless amounts of nameless jargon.
Mo, would sit on the barbershop chair next to my father and swivel around in it, then abruptly stop just to make what he found to be a valid point about the night prior's baseball game. My dad nodded his agreement, and I, as I always did, watched.
"What do you think Little Fella?" Old Mr. Gray would ask, to which I replied with a shrug of the shoulders and a, "I like the hot dogs."
"Hot dogs!" My father would chime in, as if my remarks were ingenious, "Now, that right there is some good conversation! They've recently switched to Nathan's. I like those. Nice bite when you sink your teeth into 'em."
I nodded, the other men smiled. It was great.
The feel of this place today was akin to that. Memories of great times, with great men, in a great place filled my mind's eye as I watched the men in this shop.