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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What does "Happily Ever After Mean" to C. Desert Rose?

Hello RWPP's

All Authors Blog is proud to host Miss. C. Desert Rose today. Miss. Rose will be sharing her thoughts on her catchphrase "Happily ever after is subjective".

Take it away Miss. Rose.

Hello All Authors and beloved followers!
I'm so happy and honored to be here with you all today. When I was asked to participate in the All Authors Blog, I thought about my slogan. Why? Well, it's really simple actually. The other day a friend of mine asked me, "Rose, what do you mean by 'happily ever after is subjective'?" And I thought, "Wow. There must be lots of people thinking the same thing."

Well, if you all haven't already noticed, I write in the Youth/YA Paranormal genre, which has to do with any and all things supernatural. Now, see, I know that most people are suckers for the happily ever after, where the boy and the girl go on horse back off into the sunset and blah, blah, blah.... but that's just not me.
I honestly think that everyone has their own version of happiness. So what makes me happy, may not necessarily be what makes you happy. That's what I mean by 'subjective'.

Think about this...

In my upcoming story If Death Should Love Me, Azriel is the Angel of Death. He wants nothing more than to no longer be that. He wants out, at any cost. Here's the catch... he's dead!

Sophia is just an ordinary Latino American girl that loves her family, but isn't too keen on her life. As the matter of fact, she's bored out of her mind with it. She wants nothing more than a change--something different.

In comes Azriel.

Now, you know as well as I know that they will end up together. But how?? That's what makes their happiness subjective.
He's dead, she's not. How will and can then be together when they are not even from the same realm?

In the famous words of Pleakley from Lilo and Stitch, "Tricky fish, tricky fish!"

So that's what "happily ever after is subjective" means to me. It means that peoples' happiness is based on their outlook at life... or death.

Here is a little excerpt of If Death Should Love Me for your enjoyment. 

From behind the thin mystical curtain that divided the natural from the divine, Parí watched and listened, just as she'd be instructed. She marveled at the way humanity went about their lives unaware of the world that stood almost hand and hand with their own.
Her lips curled slightly at the thought of the skeptics, atheists and conservatives that made it a point of telling the world that faith in such things was ridiculous and if there was a god, he certainly did not care about humanity. How wrong they were! There was a god! Two of them. The Alpha and the Omega. The beginning and the end. The first and the last. Two in one and one in two. Male and female. The Higher Sources.
More than that, they cared. They cared like no other creation cared about humanity. They'd created them. How could they not care?
Angels such as herself could see why. Others, unfortunately did not. Others like Gabriel. Be that as it may, Parí could see past the inanimate mobility of the human condition. They simple did not know. Some had an idea, but most could not even fathom the grander that was the unseen world that touched theirs. In these things, she could not blame them for promenading about aloof. In time everyone encountered the reality of the world in which they lived. In time.
Yet, she reveled in the movement of it. Like a child in the cinema she watched, with wonder she gazed in appreciation.
Parí stood post, just as her Majesties had assigned. Her two charges completely unaware of her presence. This was good. She supposed that they had never even realized the few times she did show herself to them.
On occasion she would appear to them in an inconspicuous form: she needed it—the interaction. It made it easier for her to look into their eyes and awe at what she saw therein. Their calling. Their 'fate'.

Thanks for having me All Authors Blog, and THANK YOU dear reader! Hugs, love and peace to you all!