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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Author Interview of Jock Brocas

Author name:
Jock Brocas

Book Title:
Book of Six Rings


Release Date:
July 2011


What made you decide to write this book?

For me, creating the ‘Book of Six Rings’ was about teaching spiritual lessons within the text - not really about Martial Arts or Budo. The reality is that one who just reads on the surface – perceives a martial arts book. However, it was never written this way and I can liken it to experiencing the void within meditation. The book was intended to help others live a blessed life in the service of humanity no-mater how small the gesture. Hidden within the text are lessons in love, compassion and forgiveness. These are lessons the great masters of Budo learned when they went above and beyond the combative sides of their chosen art, and are the lessons of every religion upon the planet no matter what you believe. I teach that we all have an intuitive nature that is innate and available to everyone. You may also label at as you wish, and the choice remains whether to use it or not. Essentially the book is also a guide on how to live spiritually and for the true beginner, teaches easy ways to meditate to enhance ones life.

What is the genre?
Non Fiction

How did you start your career?
I wrote my first book just after the disaster of 9/11 as i wanted to teach others how to utilize their intuition to remain safe in a world fraught with danger. This was titled "Powers of the sixth sense - how to remain safe in a hostile world" and was picked up by a small publisher in the UK.

Who/what inspired you?
I have many inspirations, from well known writers and spiritual teachers.

Do you have any future projects planned?
I have now delved into the fiction arena and i am writing a new book based on my paranormal experiences and knowledge. This is obviously somewhat challenging as i have never written fiction. However, as one well known author said to me "Jock if you can write, you can write anything. Its all a matter of creativity."

How long have you been writing?
I guess i have written all my life, from short stories when i was young to just thoughts and musings. I enjoy the craft of writing and teaching through the written word.

Did it start as a hobby or a passion – planned or unplanned?
It was most certainly unplanned.

Would you have changed anything about your story?
I think as an author, you will always try and perfect your writing and will want to add things and take things away. The secret is knowing when to stop.

What do you consider your writing style to be?
Many individuals have said that i am an in-depth writer and others say that i am easy to understand, so i would like to think that i am a writer who writes easily digestible material.

Did you have any support during the process or no support?
As always, my support comes from my wife whom i adore and love, without her i would not be where i am today. She is my rock and also a talented writer too.

Who would you consider to be your hero?
I have no Hero's

What would you tell other aspiring authors?
Believe in yourself and never give up. If you fire enough arrows, one will hit the target eventually. I would also say Nin, which is a Japanese word for perseverance and endurance. Never give up! Think about this, if you push for something then you often push it away – allow it to come to you. Imagine if you will that you stand at the base of a beautiful waterfall. You want to capture as much of the water as possible because it seems the more you have - the better you will feel, but you can’t hold it for long. It will dissipate just as everything in life is temporary – even struggles. Therefore stand at the base and allow it to come to you. Immerse yourself in the water and surround yourself with its power. I feel this is a good analogy for new author’s. Sooner or later, your door will open.

Did you find the journey to be a dificult one?
Every journey in life can be difficult, nothing worth having was ever easy to come by and very often you have to suffer to gain enlightenment. This is the same with anyone searching spiritually, be they an author, a banker, or a lawyer - we all have that path to tread and sometimes it can be rough. There are no such things as mistakes along the way, just missed opportunities for growth.

What was the happiest point; when the manuscript was completed or when the book was put in print?
For me, i was so happy when i completed the manuscript and the editing process was finished.

What are your plans for the future of your writing career?
I have many writing projects on the go and i will continually write as long as there are lessons that i can share with humanity to enhance life a little more.

Looking back, would you have changed anything?
The past is gone, why worry about changing anything that brought you to this point in life now.

Do you feel that the story took on a life of it's own, or did it go just as you planned?
I did not write a story, but i always feel as if i am guided by something greater than me. This is jus the same as great artists that have gone before us such as Mozart etc.

What is your favorite saying or quote; and why?
The past is gone, the future has not arrived, the only time to live is now.

I believe in being mindful of the present moment, for it can help us to deal with all of life's struggles and challenges.

Tell us something, that most people don't know about you.

I am very compassionate, forgiving, accepting and deeply spiritual. This is a quality I have learned through life experience and I believe is in everyone.