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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Author Interview of Jonathon Koerner (01/28/2012)

Jonathon Koerner

Poet & Creative Writer

My Angel

All that is beautiful overflows her soul
Happiness flows through her heart
Life is worthwhile; she showed me
Time slows, every second enjoyed 
Never wasted , will never let her go
So now I live for a reason, not an excuse
Fear death, because without you I'm in hell 
So please, spread your wings and save me 

What made you decide to write this book?

To let people here my side of the story of 'Life'. While maybe helping someone going through similar problems. Also exposing the truth uncut and as honest as possible, no restraint or boundaries. True freedom 

Who/what inspired you?

Life, friends, enemies, love, death, 

Did it start as a hobby or a passion – planned or unplanned?

Only a hobby, never thought it was that great. Just a way of release, until I realized I could help people or get them to understand better.

What have you learned in the process?

To never stop learning and growing. 

Who would you consider to be your hero?

My mom and every person that works hard everyday to provide for there family.

Looking back, would you have changed anything?

No, I wouldn't change a thing. All the ups and downs I have been through, made me who I am. It provided the strength to survive and keep going in the hardest of times.

What is your favorite saying or quote; and why?

" You cant climb that mountain, if you don't survive rock bottom"--me Explains my outlook

Author Bio:
I was born in Maryland and raised there until the ninth grade of high school. We then moved to Florida where I lived for seven years. I was raised with strong moral's and a hardworking ethic. Throughout my many struggles in life, I have learned and tried to grow as much as possible. Staying open minded and never conforming to normal boundaries. I love life, and believe it should be enjoyed to the fullest. While also having a firm belief that everybody should be treated equal regardless of race, sex, or economic status.

My December 

Life we breath, heart beats in sync
I can feel, only what is real
Your touch, relieves pain in such a way
Maybe there is a brighter day?
For now wish only for you to stay
Just laying by my side, applied life in my lifeless soul
Warmth melting the cold,molding a new me
Which is free, no longer to be imprisoned
See vision of life, in our endless nights
Only to be remembered, in my December

You come to shop and eat,I'm come sleep
Your safe and warm. I'm cold and lonely
Your sad and weak, I'm focused and strong
Your pillars wobble at the wind
My foundation is solid
Your time is wasted, Like a gift never gotten
My life is enjoyed to the fullest,
You stand by the edge frightened
I dive right in with no hesitation