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Thursday, January 12, 2012

01/12/2012 "The Enchantress" Excerpt

Following is a sample reading from
Chapter 3 of
"La Encantadora (The Enchantress)"

The large man, knocked on the door in some sort of code it seemed, “Mauricio. She's here.” he said. Just a second or two later the door was being flung open. Mauricio, stood behind it with a large grin.
“Pretty girl, I see you decided to come. So nice to see you.”
“Please come in, come in.” he stepped to the side; just enough to allow me entrance in threw the doorway. I heard the door being closed behind me. I turned to see Mauricio’s hand holding the nob, “Come child. Follow me.”
He walked ahead, leading me into a dark room, which contained nothing but a dirty, broken, mattress, simply tossed on the floor. I began to feel a tingle in the pit of my stomach. Fear, began to set in again. When I looked back up at Mauricio, what had once rang in his voice, now twinkled in his eyes. He had the look of a cold-hearted snake. My hands began to shake just a bit. Yet, I kept my composure.
“So, pretty girl. You never told me your name...”
“Zita.” I said, still on guard.
“Zita. How pretty. I like it. Does it mean anything?” I could hear the hissing in his tone again.
“No. It's just a name.” I lied. My parents, named me Zita, short for Rosita, like the beautiful Roses of a lovely garden, my mother once told me. The quickest image of my mother telling me the story passed through my head.
“It's a lovely name.... Now, Zita... Let me show you how money is made by beautiful girls such as yourself.” He locked his hand on my arm. I jumped.
“What are you doing?” I asked nervously.
“Helping you get money.” he said, this time the hissing snake in his voice began to sound more like a lion roaring at his prey.
“Let me go.” I demanded. Then, with fearsome rage he pulled me in. All of it sort of went fast and slow at the same time. My memory seemed to blur one thing in with another. I remember fighting, screaming, kicking. I, not so distinctively remember, someone tossing me around. I vaguely remember, my clothes being torn off.
Then, everything cleared in my mind, in the midst of it all. Suddenly, I found myself no longer fighting. As soon as I stopped fighting, his grip became just a bit looser. He had me pinned on the bed, half naked, however, not yet violated.
My mind went blank, and a song began to ring in my head. Something I'd never heard before. I found myself singing along with the tune. I noticed Mauricio's gaze soften, his hands letting go just a bit more. At that very moment, I felt an inward power begin to erupt. The song began to overtake me, yet, I liked it. It felt natural. Almost, as if I'd regained a lost part of myself.
Then, I felt my eye's pierce through him. Looking deep into his soul. And, I sang. I sang a song that I'd never heard, yet, the tune of it seemed to have been etched into my soul. I found a voice, that I knew not, existed. Yet, its melody came to me as naturally as breathing.
I looked up at Mauricio, gazing at his reaction. He was hypnotized. His eye's floated about in their sockets. His mind seemed lost and aloof. Then I spoke, yet my voice was not my own. It rung in harmony with the tune that I'd just been singing. The lyrics seemed to coincide perfectly with the tune.
“♪Mauricio, get off of me.♪” I instructed, in the hypnotizing melody.
“Yes.” he said simply and rose to his feet.
“♪Stand against the wall. Allow me room to move.♪” I directed him once again.
“Yes, my Zita.” he seemed in a complete daze. Now, I was “his Zita”. What was he thinking? I wondered. I didn't know, but at this point, it mattered very little. So long as he did as I commanded. He arose and stood up against the wall. His back to it and his palms face down, touching it. Still, his head wobbled about and his eyes danced in his head.
I got up, continuing to sing the melodious, sensual tune, got dressed with no hurry, and began to make my exit. However, before I exited the room, I sang one last command to the slithering snake that made me unkept promises.
“♪Mauricio, watch me from out the window as I leave, and when you can see me no more... Jump!♪”
He simply nodded, without muttering a word.

I walked out swiftly, closing the door behind me. Made my way down the stairs, and out the building. Not looking back once. As I turned the corner, I heard a loud smash, on top of what I could only assume was the roof of a car. Then, commotion, I walked as rapidly as I could through the streets, making my way back to my safe little box home. I was trembling from what I though was a delayed reaction to the nights scare.