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Saturday, January 7, 2012


This poem was written by a good friend of mine, Jonathon Koerner. What I love about Jonathon's poetry is the rawness of it. We are both from what I refer to as "The same side of the tracks" - both born and raised in the "Hood" also known as the "Ghetto", and due to that I have an appreciation for the style of his literature. Our language was not always "grammatically correct" not always "punctually accurate", as "slang" was a way of life for us. However, everything we said, and however we said it, meant something! The following poem, is a great demonstration of just that....

My December

By: Jonathon Koerner

In my December
Life we breath, heart beats in sync
I can feel, only what is real
Your touch, relieves pain in such a way
Maybe there is a brighter day?
For now wish only for you to stay
just laying by my side
Applied life in my lifeless soul
Warmth melting the cold
Molding a new me, which is free
No longer to be imprisoned
See vision of life, in our endless nights
Only to be remembered, in my December

Keep a look out for him...
I have a feeling he's going to be BIG!