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Thursday, January 5, 2012


Hello my dear friends and followers!!

I am in desperate need of your help... Ok - maybe not DESPERATE need... But in a lot of need. Lol

I am trying to come up with a cover for my up and coming novel "Finding Death", and I've come up with a draft. So, here it is... Please leave your feedback. Tell me what you think. Is it eye catching? Is it alluring? Does it look interesting? Let me know. The first three people to leave me feedback will get a complimentary e-book copy of the novel when it is complete. So, let me know...

Following is a excerpt of the story!

"Finding Death"
Chapter One
Copyright 2012
Y. Correa

I felt myself falling. Faster and faster. “Why'd I run?” I asked myself repeatedly as my body was being pulled with unequivocal force by gravity to the water below. The edge of the cliff becoming father and smaller with every passing centimeter. Everything went slower. I could feel the force of my body as it pushed against the air pressure, “Why did I run?” I repeated, “Why in the hell did I run? No one can run from their own fate!... Stupid, Travis! Stupid!”
The air pressure pulled my arms and hair forward, and my hair covered most of my vision. I knew, at my core, that in a matter of a millisecond I was going to hit the water with incredible force. Even more than that, I knew that once I hit it was I going to die. I'd be dead for sure this time. I didn't bother to open my mouth to scream. It would have been useless. I closed my eyes, and I could hear the whistling of the wind as it gushed upwards from beneath me.
Bam! Half of my body hit a rock and instantly ricocheted going then back down to hit the water with full force. The water instantly drowned me. The taste of salt-water and blood rushed in my mouth. A fog of bloody water clouded my vision. Bubbles of asphyxiation surrounded me. I was immobile to do anything to save myself. I felt myself falling deeper and deeper into the abyss of nothingness...
I was gone!
Once again I opened my eyes in the same place. The place I'd once come to before. I already knew what to expect. I'd been here before. I didn't move an inch deciding on staying put, as I knew that at any moment, Alec, would appear and try to speak to me.
There it was. His light. As it had done once before; it glided in my direction. I stood, immobile. He came and stood right besides me now. Yet, it surprised me that he said nothing. With a wave of his hand he opened an all too familiar portal to the Middle Ground. He looked back with a half-way glimpse. I could practically read his mind. I followed him in.
I felt something change inside of me. Something transformed as I passed through the open gateway to the Middle Ground. Yes, I had indeed changed. I looked down at myself, and saw the “other me” the “first me”. The one that I was before I became who I am. The entrance in through the portal transformed me into him... Azriel.
There had been no use in running from it. They had been right. My fate had followed me.
As if by instinct, I immediately knew what to do. I looked up at Alec, he looked at me then lowered his eyes in a gesture of welcoming. As if by pure magic a list of people popped in my head. It was more than natural the way that I just knew what to do and how. I opened a portal of my own.

Time for my first assignment...

One year earlier...

Many myths, legends, and stories have been told of my kind. Humanity has conjured up many versions out of their own imagination as to what and how they believe us to be. However, I find the need to make amends with all misinterpretations that exist in this world about my race. I am Alec, Guardian of Mankind. Some call us “angels, guides” or “archangel”, we are known by many names. It is my obligation to rectify the vague, obscure image that has been made of my kind throughout the centuries. 
Following I will make it my mission to clarify any misunderstanding about us; the species know to you as “Angels”.

We are a breed of supernatural beings; less than gods and more than man. We, however, are less favored than mankind. We were created by the “Creators” Yes, there are two of Them. The Alpha and The Omega. The Beginning and The End. The First and The Last. One-in-two, both the same and both different. We, just as you, were made by the Ultimate of Beings, yet, we were called to protect and serve, you. And the “Higher Sources”, found this to be good. And so, it was.
Our mission? To serve and protect mankind. Yours? To render homage and honor to the “Higher Sources”

Since the beginning of life, we have come to existence, every one of us with a different calling and purpose. Within our species are sub-species. This chronicle will serve as a guide to help you understand who and what we are.
In the Middle Ground of the heavens exists a podium which holds on it twelve thrones. Seated upon those thrones is the Hierarchy of Angels. Six Arch’s and one of each other breed of angel. They are as follows:
The seven breeds of angels are; Archangels, Angels, Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, and Virtues. Besides the Arch’s who total six seated at the thrones of the Hierarchy there is also one of each other breed; each one a leader of its kind. Each angel breed has its functions. 
The Hierarchy Members are as follows; An angel, a seraphim, a cherubim, a throne, a dominion, a virtue, Metatron, Sandolphon, Michael, Raphael, me Alec – Gabriel’s replacement, and finally Azriel.

The Arch’s assigned to the Hierarchy are the most important of the species. The functions of the Hierarchy of Arch’s seated at the thrones are as follows:
Metatron: holds the “Book of Life and Death” in his hand. He and Sandolphon are twins. Both created to complete one and other. Both one half of the other. Metatron alone knows who will be born and who shall die in a single day. It is his position to forward the list of the people that are to die to Azriel so that Azriel can collect the departed souls. He holds what can be considered a supervisory position. He is commissioned with those who are to be born and those who have departed. Such is his job; and the Higher Sources saw this to be good, and so it was.
Sandolphon: the Arch in charge of the earth and everything therein, and she is the Arch that carries the prayers of the just. Being the second half of Metatron, Sandolphon is charged with caring for humanity during life. Whereas Metatron is only present in the beginning and the end, Sandolphon is present during. In other words, the middle of life. Such is her job; and the Higher Sources saw this to be good, and so it was.
Michael: the Arch, also known as the right hand of the Creators. It was by his hand that Lucifer was cast from heaven and it is his function to ensure that heaven remains in perfect order. His will is strong and his arm powerful. Such is his job; and the Higher Sources saw this to be good, and so it was.
Raphael: the Arch, also known as the healer. The Alpha and Omega created him to heal the hurting. No matter what their pain; be it physical, mental of emotional. He is commissioned with healing and repairing the damages that humanity may have to endure. Such is his job; and the Higher Sources saw this to be good, and so it was.
I am Alec, I hold the position once given to Gabriel. I am commissioned with the protection of mankind. It is my occupation to ensure that man stays unharmed and functional. Though, man can hurt each other, I am to see to it that man does not annihilate each other entirely. I am to see that mankind does not cause its own extinction. Such is my job; and the Higher Sources saw this to be good, and so it shall be.
And finally, Azriel: the Arch in charge of collection of departed souls and passing them onto their final destination. He is typically seen as a dark being. And this was a figment of mankind’s own imagination. Humans do not like to face death; therefore, they make death out to be an ugly and terrible thing. Yet, it is of the natural order that all that live, must at some point die. Yet, he too is an Arch and every bit as important and powerful as any other Arch. Such is his job; and the Higher Sources saw this to be good… yet, things change…

The throne of Azriel has been empty for three decades…