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Friday, November 25, 2011


A typical Puerto Rican Holiday feast!

Hello All!! :-)

I had a pretty great Thanksgiving yesterday. It wasn't a big deal, but the great thing  was that it was special and that's what matters the most. We ate like mad men. It was fun, exhausting and a (what was the word, a friend of mine called it? Oh yes!) "Mouthgasmic" day. Lol

All Starch and Meat! Gotta love it!

Of course, I was the cook! Yay me! :-)

So, today I was trying to focus on getting some work done on my WIP, however, after only writing about 3 paragraphs, I was done. I just am not in the writing frame of mind. Yet, I've decided to take it slow with this current project. The most important thing at the moment it to keep promoting my 2 current finished pieces. 

Also, I think that I want to stop writing for a while, and start reading all over again. It seems like forever since I've actually blocked out the world and sat curled up on the couch with a good book on my lap. I recently picked up a great book called "Wrath and Remembrance" by John Walker... Good stuff! I'm very much enjoying it, even though I know it's only his first story, and there are very many more that follow. I'm actually looking forward to reading as many of them as I can.

Another focus that I've been having lately is the Cover for my WIP. I need a cover and I'm having trouble coming up with one. So if you guys have any suggestions, please go ahead and give me your 411. It's titled "Finding Death".

Bueno mis amigos,
Until next time!