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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I heard once, "When you love what you do, you don't work a day in your life." - Author unknown.

I awoke with this thought in my mind today. It's so tiring having to get up day after day and work yourself to the bone, for what feels like no reason what so ever. Truthfully, there is a reason. That reason is that we all have bills to pay and need money to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. However, what a burden it is when you don't love what you do.

You see; I find myself in a predicament. I like what I do... And I'm speaking of my job, not my art. Besides being a Author, I am also a Preschool Teacher. I love those children. I really do. They are all very special to me. They know that I love them, and I can feel the love from them in return. However, as much as I love those children and teaching them, and spending time with them, as it almost feels rewarding; I do not LOVE what I do. What I do love, I for one reason or another do not have the privilege to dedicate myself to it fully. Honestly, I envy the people that have the pleasure of waking up every morning and dedicating themselves to their career of choice.

I know it's not just me, of course. I know that a very large percentage of the population is in the same predicament. And I am in fully solidarity with you, who every you are.

I personally am such a free spirit, a free bird, so this situation makes me feel extremely unhappy. I long to be able to "fly", if you will. And, by that I mean, wake up every morning with a large smile on my face with absolute knowledge that I will be dedicating that day to what I love to do. I, much like many of you out there, awake every morning feeling as though i need a tow-truck to lift me from bed, as I know what the outcome of the day is going to be... The same thing... The same monotonous, redundant, repetitive way of life.

Uh! Frustrating!

So there it is, "When you love what you do, you don't work a day in your life." my thought of the day... Until next time, my sweets. Please comment.

Y. Correa