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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


As I awoke this morning, I sat and contemplated my Writing career... If you can call it that. As it has yet to seriously take off. I would lie if I sat here and said that I am a "famous writer"

However, as I thought about the details... 1,000 copies of "In Love With Death" read since it's release seven months ago; that being for a self-published author. And then approximately 500 copies read of "La Encantadora" since it's release 2 months ago; that also being self-published. As well as a handful of short stories, such as "Chamuel's Revelation" and "A Gypsy's Desire"... Well, I think that it's pretty good. Not all of them were purchased as some of them were free give away that I'd offered the public.

Nonetheless, it's a good start... Right?

Well, honestly, I don't know. However, it gives me something to look forward to. Something to plant my feet on. Something that says, "Ok Y. You're doing alright."

Be it for good, or for bad, I honestly don't know either. However, I stand happy and proud of myself for trying. Proud of myself for accomplishing something, that no one in my family ever has, or at least never had the nerve to say "I'm gonna try."

The truth is, that I constantly push myself, saying deep down inside of my heart "Y, that's not enough. You can do better. You need to do better!" But, in all actuality, how many people, can stand proud and say "I did it! I went for my dream and didn't let the crowd, tell me I couldn't"? Not many.

I'd once heard that everyone has a story to tell. Every human born, has something they want to say, be it truth or fiction. But, only a very particular few, actually do. I am glad to count myself in the midst of that "few".

Just thinking,