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Friday, June 24, 2016

Author Interview with Tracy Millosovich

Dear Readers, Writers, and Precious Patrons,

Today on All Authors Blog, we bring you an interview with Tracy Millosovich, author of Crystal Dreams.

1. Tell us about yourself and how your writing journey began?

Hello! I’m Tracy Millosovich, and I write young adult fantasy romance. Be writing began when I was seven years old growing up the oldest of four siblings, and the only girl. My childhood and teen years were rough, but I escaped it by reading child books; Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, and other “First Reader’s” kid’s books. I’ve always loved reading, especially as a child. When I turned seven I wanted to write a world where I was saved from my childhood, and became a hero who was able to help others in my situation. My home life wasn’t the best, but I found a way around it. School wasn’t better, but both inspired me to be a better writer. It wasn’t until I was twenty six, a year ago now, that I learned about self-publishing, the indie authors, and about how the writing world truly worked. Before looking up how to publish my own book my way, my little book was still sitting in an old binder from the 90s waiting to be read under a thin layer of dust. That’s where it stayed until 2015 when I rewrote my book, and it became a published work in 2016 as my debut novel, Crystal Dreams. 

2. Congratulations on the release of your first book, Crystal Dreams. Can you explain the inspiration behind the story?

Thank you. I’m honored to be a part of this blog, and its list of wonderful authors. The inspiration from Crystal Dreams stemmed from my friendship with a certain boy in school. When I was a child in kindergarten, I had the biggest crush on my friend, Thomas. That’s where the main character in Crystal Dreams came from, my childhood friend, Thomas. Through his kindness and friendship with me, I built a world in words, and he became the main focus. As I grew up and matured into adulthood, my innocent book about a girl who liked a boy grew into a color world of war, bloodshed, tears, happiness, and love.

3. Crystal Dreams is a young adult genre, have you always liked the genre?

I grew up reading Harlequin books from the library. I didn’t get into young adult books until I was twenty one oddly enough. I began with the Harlequin books as a child into my teens, and read the Harry Potter books, which I’ve read the entire series now about five times, and continued into reading other romance novels outside of HP. It wasn’t until 2014, when I finally relented after hearing so much about it, and barrowed and speed read through my friend, Kailey’s, Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. I found out that there was more than the typical romantic heroine, and her knight in shining armor. There was something called erotica, and I’ve been addicted to young adult romance novels, erotica, and other genres since my dive into Fifty Shades of Grey. Reading that trilogy began my love for writing again, after I put my pen and laptop away from 2011 onward. After reading how successful Fifty Shades was, I wanted my world, my books, to be like that too. Other authors are inspiring, and help push me to challenge myself, and my writing. 

4. Do you see yourself staying with Young Adult books or would you branch off to other genres?

Since Crystal Dreams is my first publish novel, and I haven’t dabbled in any other genres, I’m curious to find out what my writing wings can do. I’m interested to find out how far my little Crystal Dreams book will catapult me into the author world, and into writing. I’m willing to write anything, and everything. Right now, the sky’s the limit, and according to Crystal Dreams, there’s more out there than our Milky Way galaxy

5. What’s writing routine like?

A typical day starts with getting up early, going to my full time job, which I work well over forty hours a week, and sprinting out of my job to get back to my laptop where I’ve spent my day at work not only doing my job, but also jotting down any and all writing thoughts that have popped into my mind. I have sticky notes up stuck everywhere, and each sticky note has something significant on it that pertains to a character or a future scene or a twist in the storyline I'm working on. I write late into the night, sometimes staying up until 3 AM to write my novels. I have so many ideas, and so little time. Thank goodness for my personal assistant online for having my back, and being online when I’m pounding away at my laptop keyboard. She keeps me grounded. Then I sleep, and get up to do it again. There's too much to do, and not enough time.

6. As a new author what’s one thing about the book industry that has surprised you?

After the bad introduction to being an artist in 2011 and with what happened online in 2015, what surprised me the most was the kindness from readers, and authors. I was expecting to be rejected because my work doesn’t follow the current norm of erotica, but so many people were encouraging, and willing to promote my book even though they’d never heard of me. I’m humbled by the generosity of the author and reader community. I'm thankful, and I go to bed thankful for knowing the kindness of this community. I couldn’t ask for a better career field.

7. Where do you see your writing career in five years?

I see my work catapulting to the book shelves of my favorite authors, and my friends. But before that, I need to finish my next novel, and each day I wake up, I have more ideas. In five years, I may have five novels published or thirty novels. I don’t know, and that’s the best part of being an author. I never know who I’m going to get to know, and what book I’m going to publish next. This is like living an adventurous novel, and writing the adventure simultaneously. It’s the best! I’m inspired to be like my favorite authors Mary Ting, and Vanessa Booke, being on the New York Times and U.S.A.’s bestselling lists and making friends everywhere I go. I want to accomplish it all so when I’m ninety years old, I can sit in my wheelchair staring out the window in the nursing home, and tell all the cute guy caretakers how wonderful my life was. That and I’m boy crazy, so of course I’d think my caretakers would be all hot guys. 

8. Can you share with us what projects you’re working on?

As of right now, June 21st, I’m in the midst of writing book two to Crystal Dreams called Killer Dreams. The Dreams series extends four full novels. I also have a personal work in progress about four couples, each couple in their own contemporary romance worlds, looking for the one thing we all want: love. These four novels together will form the Seasons Series. Each novel will be standalone novels releasing through the seasons of 2017.

I also owe my friend, Ryan, the contemporary romance novel, Hunter’s Hell, which was supposed to be published July 2016, but due to my busy schedule, I had to keep pushing it off. Hunter’s Hell is a free gift to Ryan, and readers, for encouraging me to pursue writing again after some incidences forced me into stopping. So Hunter's Hell is a huge thank you to him. Without Ryan pushing me to take that first step to pursue writing with his boisterous personality, I wouldn’t be here typing this interview or being asked to ship out my Crystal Dreams paperback books to readers, and fellow authors. Sometimes it only takes one person’s kind word to undo a lifetime of unkindness.

Meet Author Tracy Millosovich

Thank you for reading my novel, Crystal Dreams, supporting all indie authors including myself, and for leaving reviews on my debut. I cherish each and every person who has left a review for Crystal Dreams, and messaged me about how I can improve. Because Crystal Dreams is my first novel, I look forward to using the constructive criticism to improve as an author in all my future works. Look for me on my Author Tracy Millosovich Facebook page, and join my readers and I on the Crystal Dreamers book fan page. I look forward to hearing from all of you. I’m grateful to know so many kind people, and I thank God for the opportunity to write every single day.

Tracy Millosovich

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