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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Women in Sci-Fi, You’re Invited!

Hello Everyone!
So … I the President and Founder of All Authors Publications & Promotions have decided to make JULY the “Women in Science Fiction, Blog Month".

What does this entail?

Well, I am asking FEMALE Authors of Science Fiction to stand up and join me on my blog to spread the word about their works. Let’s stand together and show the world what we have! And, the best part of it, is that it’s FREE!

All I want to do is show the world that women can write Science Fiction too.

With that said, first, answer these questions:

Are you a female author who writes Science Fiction? free polls
Do you sense a bias in favor of male Sci-Fi writers? free polls
Do you find it hard to get men intersted in your Sci-Fi? free polls
For the month of July 2016, I will need a total of 31 Female Science Fiction Authors, that would like to showcase their books on my blog. To submit your information and/or contact me to be part of “Women in Science Fiction, Blog Month” fill out the form below.

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