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Friday, May 27, 2016

Author Spotlight with T.D. Hubbard

Dear Readers, Writers, and Precious Patrons,

Today, on All Authors Blog we're pleased to have TD Hubbard, author of Against The Wind.


Still in college, she never dreamed she'd have breast cancer. The worst news of all, it was too late to save her life. Now she must go home and spend the time she has left with those she loves. The choices she makes will affect the lives of them all.

About The Author:

My name is Theresa Hubbard Carle but I go by TD Hubbard, my maiden name. That is the one constant never changing in my life. I am a wife, mother of three and two in heaven born too soon. I am a grandma to five and I love my family with all my heart and soul.

I began this past year writing under TD Hubbard. I have books under Terri Hubbard Carle and Marissa Storm, but I truly became convicted of my writing style and I decided to allow God to direct me more in what steps he wanted me to take in my writing.

This particular book, “Against The Wind” is a true book from the heart. Cancer has touched my life in many ways, all of which I wish it had not. My father passed away from lung cancer, my Grandmother if truth be known I feel passed with colon cancer but she was too frail to be checked. The same held true with my mother.

I have been dealing the past year with my daughter and grand-daughter watching her husband, my son in law suffers with stage four colon cancer that was diagnosed too late. He was just over thirty years old. That is supposed to be way too young.

This is one of the reasons this book is so much of a passion for me, the other, is the selfless way, women tend to look at mortality, simply amazes me. I witnessed this with my friend’s recent death and her battle with cervical cancer. To the end she did everything for her family, to make things easier for them once she was gone.