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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Soul of Soul

The Soul of Soul


Have you ever had a work that you really admire, not just because you wrote it, but because you see the beauty in it as a reader?

That is how I feel about Reflections of Soul.

Yes, the body of work that I kept debating on discarding because holding on to it might hurt too much … might be too much of a reminder of the soul behind the soul.

It is tricky when a word is used two fold, but in dealing with that soul, it caused me to look at my own soul and reflect. When I decided that the end result was richer than the pain, I relented and pressed forward.

I am very glad I did.

Although it is my shortest poetry collection it is the one that has gathered the most positive response, particularly from those who never read poetry or barely read poetry.

Beautiful and Heartfelt

Reading Queen of Spades’ Reflections of Soul, feelings were evoked in me and I felt great sadness for her pain. Her experiences as I interpreted them, were painful reminders of similar hardships that I endured far back in my past, and through these poems I felt a connection to the brave woman who dared to share them with the world. (R.E.)

From What Was You May Find What Will Be

This blew me away. If I could double the 5-star rating I would. Reflections of Soul is a poetic story of how life can break you down and the journey of picking yourself back up. You will cry, you will laugh–but most of all you will FEEL. This work will leave you with a newfound respect for yourself and a newfound appreciation for others. Don’t miss out, get Reflections of Soul today! (Read or Die Blog)

A Wonderful Collection of Poems

Queenie lays bare the human condition that anybody with a soul certainly experiences throughout the course of life. She exposes the raw nerves of anger, fear, joy, yearning, love, and hope. And she does this in a way that illustrates how these lines can so easily become blurred. This book is an exercise in writing technique; Queenie’s emotions seep from her soul onto the pages so effortlessly. You’ll find yourself returning to these words over and over again, recalling lines the way the greats are often recalled. If you’re a fan of poetry, this is most definitely a must-have for your library. (Beem Weeks)

Beautifully Written

I admit I’m not much of a poetry person, but I changed my attitude after reading this collection. A few of my favorite poems were Butterfly, Cloudy Days, Seeing Mankind, and Inside of Me. The poems are beautifully written and capture the essence of human emotions. (Carol Cassada)

What reflections will you see of your soul as you read this? Well, the only way to find out is to grab a copy!

Reflections of Soul, an affordable price in paperback and electronic, not just for the holidays but any day of the year.