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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Everything’s Eclectic

Eclectic is a collection unlike any others I’ve put out. It is a jambalaya of different styles on wavelengths from light to heavy. It’s part throwback in regards to my experimentation with senryus, part vintage, and part teachable prose. Dividing the sections in accordance to layers of the skin was an extra element that seemed to fit. I’d like to share some of my favorites from each layer of the skin, if you will.

My three favorites in Epidermis are “Politics’ Decay”, “Masquerade”, and “Crown and Glory”.

Politics’ Decay

Democracy down
auctioned off to special groups,
made a rich man’s Bitch


Claim you are content
but it is really Disdain
going half on Love’s rent

Crown and Glory

Smoothed by chemicals
stench stifled my scalp’s outrage
Beauty must be pain Cost is way too much
Shears took out perm’s final strand
priceless beauty reigns

There are so many poems that I like in Dermis, but some of the most telling excerpts come from “Fish Grease”, “Swept Away” and “Incredibly Close and Extremely Loud”.

Excerpt from “Fish Grease” 

You don’t realize how much chaos I’ve been through.
I assassinated myself, proceeded to start anew:
Having a strange relationship with this Love stuff;
Even when I stayed away, It never seemed to get enough.
Guess just because It thinks I have a strong heart,
Sensing I’m steadfast, knowing that I’ll play the part,
Yet there’s so many claiming they want someone good,
Then when the person comes along,
The request gets misunderstood.

Excerpt from “Swept Away”

This is what happens when more than fluids transfer.
Spirits ejaculating into each other,
Never getting enough,
Just anticipation of being near each other
Causing overpowering, tingling sensations.

And I became insane:
Insanely in love,
Finally believing this thing
Was no longer elusive.
My inner critic had started becoming silent,
Had stopped taunting me about this not possibly being real.

But now all new developments have been revealed
By those you were the closest to,
And it feels like we’re no longer connected hip by hip.
A surgical steel blade appeared,
Ripped our umbilical cords,
And now everything really does feel brand new.

Excerpt from “Incredible Close and Extremely Loud”

Although my eyes are resting,
Everything around me keeps on going.
Other believe momentum’s on the verge of slowing,
Yet I feel like things keep on growing.

My soul, once diagnosed with hours left for life,
Now reigns as one of the few that did survive. My heart, once held tightly in cryopreservation,
Now slowly finding its way back to rejuvenation.

As far as Hypodermis, I love them all but one I feel anyone in customer service can relate to is “Slogan Enslavement”. This prose has an Introduction, Acts representing different scenarios, and a Conclusion. I will share the Introduction and Act Three.

From “Slogan Enslavement”


Hello. My name is Levette, and the slogan I hate the most is, “The Customer Is Always Right.”

Yes, it sounds catchy. Yes, it makes the customer sound powerful. On the flip side of the coin, to me—a customer service representative—it makes me feel like I’m in prison; it makes me feel powerless.

Act III (excerpt)

Then, there is this other customer who is trying to wield the power of negotiation. It works in his country. It works in the courtroom. It tends to work at a flea market. At times, it even works at the car dealership. He attempts to try it in a store where retail prices are set, and I do not have the authorization to change them.

After the items he selected are totaled, he discovers that he doesn’t have enough money. Even worse, he is not willing to pay the clearly stated prices for the items. Rather than putting back the products that set him over his budget, he wants to play “Name Your Price”, as if a grocery store is a William Shatner commercial for Priceline.

Then, he gets angry when I refuse to budge. He blurts out with, “It’s allowed in my country!”

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