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Thursday, October 1, 2015

AACE Recipient Luis Gonzalez

In the realm of authentic plot and originality, “Luz” by Luis Gonzalez takes the win.

With books such as “Luz” readers either love it or hate it, but All Authors Publications & Promotions definitely appreciate its innovation.

To judge “Luz” by the All Authors criterion would be to see if it is in alignment of the following four categories:

Admiration of the prose

Authenticity of the story

Creativity of the author

Exemplified delivery/narrative

It is in those four things that “Luz” shines the most.

All Authors admires the author's voice and style of writing. We advocate for a unique voice and a compelling ability for storytelling. “Luz” was well written.

If authenticity were a requirement in every book, “Luz” would be a best seller. It is nothing like any story you’ve ever read, and All Authors bids the author merit for that.

Creativity is something that is delivered by the author in spades. There was a certain art within the pages of “Luz” that leaves the reader in wonderment.

Exemplified narrative is evident in “Luz” as the author takes a meticulous approach to bring his story to a high standard.

It is for those reasons and many more that “Luz” by Luis Gonzalez has been bestowed the All Authors Certificate of Excellence.

Here is what readers are saying.

Adonis Mann, Author of “... and we” says:

I find that fascinating!

Here is why:

It merely shows me, continually, the enigma that is the human mind.

You see, not only am I completely enticed by the plot story, but I am also wholly engrossed as to what it means to the human psyche.

Haley B of Goodreads says:

Luz is such a beautifully written book. This entire year, out of maybe 20 books I have read, there are only two I would aggressively recommend to everyone I meet - this is one of the two.

The prose is beautiful, it's powerful, it really encompasses the attitude and outlook of main character Clara. Each and every character is expanded upon and explored; moreover, each character seems real. I grew up in a completely different world from Clara, but as the story explored her relationships with her family and friends, it felt as though those people were my friends and family as well. The characters are lively and dynamic, and the protagonist is certainly likeable and relatable.

Joanne Knock of Goodreads says:

Beautifully written, from the point of view of 19 yr old Clara, who is mature beyond her years. The book is based in Cuba during the " special period" where people were actually allowed to flee the oppressive regime if they chose to.

A Note From the Author:

When I found out that I was being awarded the All Authors Certificate of Excellence for my work on LUZ, I can’t tell you how happy it made me, how validated I felt as a writer. You know, writing is a very solitary undertaking. It’s certainly solitary during the writing process, and it’s even solitary afterwards, long after the book has gone to print and it’s out there. And if it can be this way for those who go the traditional publishing route, it’s even more so for indie authors who, often time, are forced to don many hats. It’s a drain and it’s a sacrifice. Yet, there’s no stopping us. We do it for a reason. We writers choose this solitary path because of our irrepressible love for the craft of writing, our passion for storytelling, our resolve to create worlds with characters that move us and reflect upon some primal essence that connects with readers. And so, when I learned that All Authors had chosen my work to receive this selective award, the news did so many things for me on so many levels. But most of all it gave me hope and confidence. To receive an award such as this meant that someone out there, someone who loved books and literature and storytelling, had read my story and decided it was worth mentioning and recognizing. Furthermore, for this recognition to come from a professional literary organization, well, it’s the reward we, as writers, are all looking for, the validation we all await. I sincerely want to thank All Authors for bestowing me with this special award. It has made the writing life a lot less solitary now. It has made the writing life a lot more rewarding. Therefore, I humbly, but proudly, accept this Certificate of Excellence from All Authors and, in so doing, know that it is one more facet of that which we call the writing life, one more step in that long journey of being a writer.