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Friday, August 7, 2015

From Cheeks to Clothes: Logo Speak

Dear RWPPs, hello and welcome to the All Authors Blog!

Today we have a special treat for you!
TODAY, Author and Poet Queen of Spades will be interviewing Author and King of Sensuality, Adonis Mann.

Please sit back and enjoy the ride!

From Cheeks to Clothes: Logo Speak

Author Interview: Adonis Mann

1. Truthful talk, whose idea was it for the original logo?

Truthfully, it was my publishers.

I wanted something the showcased the LGBTQIA Flag, but was also true to my personality. I explained this to her and she said, "Donny, my dear, you write steamy erotica. Please, lets spice up your logo. I mean, just picture it; tight bum, beautiful flag. It'll be perfect."
At first I was apprehensive, but allowed her to take creative control. Next thing I know, she was presenting me with my original logo. After I saw it, I simply could not say no. It was beautiful. 

2. How did you feel about your original logo?

Well, as I said, at first I was very worried that it might be a bit much. However, when it was presented to me, I was amazed at its magnificence.

Honestly, let's face it, I am a gay man. How could I not love that bum? It was an impossibility.

3. Is your rear end really that well defined in real life?


I don't think so. But, please, don't tell anyone.

4. Whose idea was it to change the logo?

Mine. As much as I loved the original cover, I felt very much as though I was scaring people away. I mean, the first thing they saw whenever they clicked on my links, was this juicy, round, firm, plum, buttock.

Hold on, my mouth is watering.

Ok, I'm ready to go on.

So, as I was saying ... this beautiful, glorious, tempting, rear end was staring me ... I mean, them, in the face. I would surmise that it must've been a little put-offish. At least, for them.

Um, may I indulge in a cold shower, commercial break?

5. Why was the logo changed?

Because of the aforementioned lustfulness- uh, I mean, discomfort.

Also, because I wanted my viewers to feel comfortable visiting my pages, and not assaulted by a butt. I may love erotica, but I am by no means a pervert.

6. Do you think this new logo represents the real you?

I think it does so very well indeed. Of course, the model looks a little bit like the Men In Black, but besides that fact, it does a wonderful job of representing who I am.

7. Has anyone expressed disappointment that the "bare" has become "covered"?

No one that I know of. At least not out loud, as far as I can recall.

Well, no one except for my friend and colleague Synful Desire.

Apart from that, most people are appreciative that the bum is no more.

8. Why do you prefer for your image to be anonymous even though you use your real name?

It's all about the fantasy, methinks. Yes, I use my real name--even though some believe it's manufactures.

Veering off topic for a moment ...

One day someone approached me and asked me why I was using a pseudonym. When I responded that it was not and that it was indeed my actual name, the person scoffed and accused me a lying. Go figure.

Anyhow, I am a writer of fantasy. My stories contain a plethora of magnificent literary illusions that fill the mind with wonder. I don't so much believe that a "picture of me" would do justice to the "wonder of me". If that makes any sense.

9. Have you noticed a change in approachability, popularity, and the like since your logo switch?

I have. Quite a lot, actually. It seems like people now consider me more human as my butt (literally speaking) is no longer in their face. LOL.

My following has grown. That alone was worth the change.

Adonis Mann is a true wordsmith and (Who knew?) pretty funny too! I hope you enjoyed this interview today, and do not forget, you can pick up a copy of his newest release, FOR FREE, from Smashwords.