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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Author Spotlight, S.J. Brown

S. J. Brown Author & Wildlife photographer

Close Ups and Close Encounters: A View From Behind The Lens


60 FULL-COLOR WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHS! On a whim, S. J. Brown decides to embark on a career in wildlife photography. Armed with an inexpensive 35mm camera and a love for the natural world, her adventure begins. Accompanied by her spotter and husband, she ventures to a variety of locations. The couple soon learns there is more to this than just camera settings, lighting, and getting the right angle. Not all wildlife is agreeable to having their picture taken, and many are not easily accessible. Camera in hand, S. J. Brown encounters delicate butterflies, bears, birds, deer, wild horses, and more. Along the way, there are successes and failures, cooperative critters, curious subjects, and some close calls. Experience wildlife photography from her perspective—through the lens of a camera.

About the Author:

Over the years, S. J. Brown has played with a number of artistic venues. Her love of the written word began in high school English class and continues on today, but it is not her only artistic endeavor. Prior to becoming an author, Brown has experimented with sketching, stained glass, and even ran a ceramic business for several years.
Her love of wildlife photography began on a whim with an inexpensive 35mm camera, a few rolls of film, and a passion for nature. Quickly, her everyday life and wildlife photography became entwined. Somehow, even with a husband, a job, and household responsibilities, photographing found a place in the mix.
S. J. Brown’s book Close Ups & Close Encounters features over fifty of her wildlife photographs as well as the stories behind getting those images. S. J. Brown's photographs and written words are her way of sharing her experiences. Introducing others, such as her granddaughter, to the field is one of her primary goals and loves. She hopes her work will give others an appreciation for the natural world.


I knew I had come too close to him. I could actually hear his breathing. My trembling finger stayed on the shutter and the camera clicked continuously as my mind raced. What were the warning signs alligators gave? Their striking distance was how far? This is how wildlife photographers get themselves into trouble. I had been so engrossed in my subject I forgot about the danger.
The alligator could easily grab me with his powerful jaws in an instant. His claws were huge and could shred my limbs with very little effort. He seemed quite calm, not the least bit upset by my presence, but able to strike in an instant. I backed off slowly and carefully. It was very important not to startle him. This was a dangerous position to be in and I wanted to get out of it in one piece.
“I'm going to back away and let you go back to sleep”. I informed him.
“See, I'm leaving you alone.”
I never took my eyes off of that alligator; if he came at me, I wanted a chance to evade him. Crawling ever so slowly backward; thankful for each growing inch of distance between us, his menacing eyes watched my every move.
Then something grabbed the back of my sweatshirt! I had been so focused on putting space between that alligator and me, I had no idea what was behind me. With a quick jolt I was propelled backwards.

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