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Monday, June 30, 2014

Feature Piece with Author Malika Gandhi

Today we are hosting Author Malika Gandhi with her new release Witch Crystal.


The Witch Crystal was silent, hidden from the clutches of the High Witch, somewhere, where she couldn’t find him. The time has now arrived to show what it can do... 

Larissa is a young witch of fifteen. Nobody, not even her best friend knows about this. She goes to a normal school, has a great mother, and she likes the new boy in town. 

Then, strange things begin to occur, and Larissa’s normal life is not so normal anymore. Her best friend, Chantelle, is not who she thinks she is, and why is Jake’s name really Xyth? 
An abduction of Chantelle brings the unknown to the forefront, and Larissa is faced with the task of finding the Earth Spirits, to repair the Aurora Borealis. Only then will she be able to travel to Zrotaz, her home planet, and rescue her best friend from the High Witch! 

Follow Larissa’s journey as she travels to Norway in search of the Earth Spirits, where she encounters fierce and frightening, but also good and kind, magical creatures. Will Larissa be brave? Will she be able to accomplish her task, to adhere to the prophecy?

Excerpt one, taken from Chapter one:

A deafening blast blew the door open, knocking Senon to the ground. He quickly picked himself up as an ear splitting scream followed, forcing both him and Marcaria to crouch over their daughter. With their hands over their ears, they waited for the scream to die down. They rose to their feet as soon as it did. The scream was the witches’ scream, deadly, if anyone came close to it. A series of blue, green, and yellow flares flew at them but Larissa had used her shield. “Good girl,” said Senon. “Father, so...hard...” Larissa lost her strength and the spell collapsed. “We can’t stay here, Senon.” Marcaria picked Larissa up and ran to the garden. Senon looked at the space where the door once stood and followed his family to the back of the house. The attacks were aimed from afar, but Senon knew the Empire Witches were moving closer into their village. The most powerful and merciless on Zrotaz, were the Witches of the West, the Empire Witches will do anything to get what they want, and this time it was the girl. No one had yet defeated this clan, meaning Senon and Marcaria alone did not stand a chance.

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