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Friday, May 23, 2014

Cover Art Needed?

Do you need cover art, a banner, or graphics for your website?
Are you not tech savvy?
Are other graphic designers charging ridiculous prices for images they've used time and time again?

All Authors Publications and Promotions understands the struggles authors confront so we makes things easy and inexpensive!

There are so many challenges with being an author--especially if you're Indie--many more than most people tend to think about. Only you know what's going on behind the scenes. You face struggles such as:

* Low or no funds, and when you do find an affordable graphic designer, often times they offer underwhelming work or images that they've utilized several times, giving you recycled art.

* The pre-made or stock pictures offered on many photo purchasing sites are either too drab or too generic.

* Most high-end graphic designers want to charge an arm and a leg, which you simply do not have to offer. After all, one of the reasons you've written a book is to make money, not give it.

All Authors provides hassle free and understanding customer service. We hear you out, try to see your vision and then work vigorously to make it happen, ALL at a very low price.

* Banners range from $5 - $15 (USD)

* Front covers range from $15 - $35 (USD)

* Front and back cover combos range from $25 - $45 (USD)


You will be expected to provide your own blurb to insert into the back cover unless otherwise requested. We do offer blurb writing services at a very reasonable price also.

Please visit out website for some SAMPLES, or CONTACT US for more information.