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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

AJ Williams Cover Reveal

His Final Bounty
Release: March 1 2014
Author: AJ Wiliams
Published: Self
Genre: Contemporary Steamy Romance


Eva Rosenberg, hacks a secret file of Jefferson's and discovers the man who shattered her heart and her world has one giant secret.

Jefferson Anders’ current bounty hunting status has allowed him to hide in the shadows, never forcing him to face the secrets of his past. Having spent five years hiding the truth, he never dreamed the secrets of his past would catch up to him. Secrets which cost him both the love of his life and connection to his family. Now, he must face the mistakes of his past.

With a confrontation looming with Eva and a possible death threat, they must work as a team to find forgiveness and defeat the enemy that waits in the shadows.

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