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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Author Spotlight, James K Burk

Let's Welcome Author
James K. Burk

Some of Mr. Burk's current works are:

"The Twelve"

Valtierra, a city-state, is governed by archetypes. Every two years they choose twelve men and women to wear the masks and to become the Wise Old Man, the Fool, the Mother, the Harlot, the Warrior, and the rest of the council. 

But now Valtierra faces hunger, decay, and an enemy on their border. When the need for leadership is greatest, one mask is worn by a foreigner and one mask hides a traitor.

"Strange Twist of Fate"

“SMOOTH ENTERTAINMENT FROM A BORN STORY-TELLER. Burk’s works are a pleasure to read. He gives you believable people in unbelievable circumstances. This creates an assured tone that tells you to relax, he knows what he’s doing. And you do relax, until he brings out the dentist’s drill. For a good time, read on!” —Rob Chilson, author of Black As Blood

“I truly enjoyed Jim Burk’s STRANGE TWISTS OF FATE. The word-smithing was very professional, the characters lived, and the stories themselves were a pleasure. Two of the four stories were written in the first person, in the manner of Raymond Chandler’s and Philip Marlow’s private eye stories, and Jim handled the narrative monologs exceptionally well. Very nicely done. Now if he will just sit himself back down at the keyboard and write some more...” —John Dalmas, author of Soldiers, The Lizard 
War, and Three-Cornered War

Here are a few works by Mr. Burk, himself...

"I have four works in the pipeline at this time. Two weird western novellas are on their way. and it was a pleasure using the western vernacular. In my younger days I was a Sunday gunman at an amusement park. The sequel to my fantasy, HIGH RAGE should be out in late summer or fall and is called TAKING HOPE. It's not just an elaboration of the first book but a three-years-after story in which the protagonist must take apart the kingdom that he's built. Another work due out within eighteen months is a science fiction with aliens who have their own aims and most of the humans, in a nod to reality, are either Chinese or Indian. The title is REDEMPTION and is concerned with a man who has to deal with his past to make his future."

More books by Mr. James K. Burk can be found at

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