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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I really just felt like blogging. I had no real subject in mind. I just wanted to write. Lol. Is that bad? I don't know. Don't really care either!

It's my blog, and I'll do what I want to...! Lol

So I have a few things going on in my writing career. Big and exciting things.

I know a whole lot of people equate success with money... I'm NOT one of those people. Money IS important, but it really ISN'T everything.

That being said, I feel like I've reached a certain amount of success in my writing career. Following is a list of things I've done, continue to do and will pursue in the near future.

* I've completed and published 3 full length novels and 1 book of short stories and I continue to write even still. I've many stories in the works, along with a collaborative work with Author A. Lopez Jr.

* I've partnered up with Ace-Hil-Ink an Indie Publishing Support site, lead and created by the very same Mr. Lopez, and now publish under Ace-Hil-Ink. This is exciting stuff. Being part of a group like ACH is the icing on the cake. It helps validate ones hard work A. Lopez. Jr, is a marvelous person, a talented author and a great friend. Working with him, is like eating that lovely iced cake! The greatest part of it, is that what he does, he does solely to help others like us. He strives ONLY to help authors reach for the stars and hold on tight.

* I've established an enormous and incredible group which I once called the "Self-Published/Indie Authors Support Group" on, and now I'm moving that group over to its OWN OFFICIAL website, and I've renamed the group the "All Authors Support Group"

* I created and founded another enormous annual event which I called the "All Authors Blog Blitz" This is a world wide online event established to help any and all participants in promoting their works. It was amazing this year! I had so many participants and all in all, in the end, it worked out great! Had some minor issues-but having been the 1st year, that was to be expected. I can't wait until next year!

* I continue to support authors in my ventures of Author Interviews, Cross Promotions, Book Reviews, Guest Blog Posts and much more.

* I've partnered up with an incredible guy who does book reviews. He is the creator and founder of the Book Review Blog called the Chick-Lit Pad. He's great! He's incredibly talented and fun to work with and gives freely, all in the attempt to help authors reach their goals.

* This very same guy (Kobby), has pitched me A FANTASTIC idea for creating yet ANOTHER group. It's going to be FANTABULOUS! Once again, all in the attempt to help authors reach their goals and success in their walk in the little thing we call the "Literary World"... stay tuned! You guys are gonna love it!

And the BEST PART OF IT ALL, is that I've made AMAZING friends along the way!

Thanks guys for being so great! I bid you all the most success and the best of luck obtaining your goal and accomplishing your dream! Kisses and hugs!

Y :-)