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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Interview of Nicole Faith Hill 10/17/2012

Author name/Pen name:
Nicole Faith Hill

Book Title:
Legacy Forgotten
Book 1 of the Amazon Legacies


Release Date:


1. What made you decide to write this book?
I had this story running around in my head driving me crazy for over six months. I just decided one day that maybe if I wrote it down, It would stop driving me crazy. 

2. What is the genre?
Paranormal Romance 

3. How did you start your career?
Growing up, I lived in a very small, very boring town where besides the Friday Night High School football game, there was never anything to do. I started writing as an escape from the boredom. 

4. Who/what inspired you?
I get inspired by people like Stephen King, Peter Straub and Nora Roberts. All writer that will be remembered long after they have gone. That's what I want. To leave my mark.

5. Do you have any future projects planned?
Yes. I always have at least three storylines going on at once. I will continue writing and releasing until there are no more characters screaming in my head.

6. How long have you been writing?
I started writing at age 9. I wrote my first book at the age of twelve.

7. Did it start as a hobby or a passion – planned or unplanned?
Absolutely started as a hobby. Just something to do so that I wasn't bored all the time. 

8. Would you have changed anything about your story?
No. I don't think that I would. I can always go more in depth with back stories or sometimes realize that I could have described that sunset better, more vividly than I did. 

9. What have you learned in the process?
I have learned a whole lot. Mostly, I've learned that I have more courage than I believed I did. 

10. What do you consider your writing style to be?
I would say that I write for everyone. I write like people talk. No formalities or any of that nonsense. I want everyone no matter how intelligent to be able to enjoy my writing. 

11. Did you have any support during the process or no support?
I have very little support from those around me. I have found most of my support from my "Twitter Family" as I like to call my followers. They have been very supportive of me from the very beginning and I don't think, I would have gotten this far  without them. 

12. Who would you consider to be your hero?
My hero has been and always will be, My grandfather. He had to quit school in the 6th grade and go to work on the fishing boats with his father to help support his family a few years after the depression and his father was no longer making ends meat. He did get his GED at the age of 45 and went on to have and retire from a very good career as a Master Electrician.. Proof to me that no matter where you came from, as long as you never give up, you can obtain all of your dreams. 

13. What would you tell other aspiring authors?
If it's what you think about all the time. If it's what you truly want, Never give up. There is always a way. 

14. Did you find the journey to be a difficult one?
Yes. My journey has been very difficult as I have done all of this while spending virtually no money. I have always been poor and could not afford book cover design, Editors or anyone to do Book trailers. I have had to learn to do it all myself. 

15. What was the happiest point; when the manuscript was completed or when the book was put in print?
I was happiest the day I held my words in my hand an knew that finally after all these years, others would be reading them.

16. What are your plans for the future of your writing career?
I plan to keep moving forward toward world domination! LOL ;)

17. Looking back, would you have changed anything?
NO. Every up and down has led me to this point. If I changed even the smallest detail, I might not be this far. 

18. Do you feel that the story took on a life of it's own, or did it go just as you planned?
It absolutely took on a life of it's own. There were times I was screaming at the characters because they seemed to be doing what they wanted and not what I wanted them to do. It ended up worlds away from where I thought it would but in the end, it turned out that the characters knew better than I did. 

19. What is your favorite saying or quote; and why?
“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” —Khalil Gibran  I have always loved this quote because it speaks directly to me. My life has not always been....pleasant and I feel that every childhood trial has only made me a stronger person.

20. Tell us something, that most people don't know about you.
I am about the shyest person on the planet. Most of my Twitter followers think I'm crazy, loud and out there but the truth is, I would most more than likely throw up before meeting new people. 

Book Description: 

Ailis has spent her entire life pretending that she did not have powers because her mother deemed them UN normal and therefore bad. Her grandmother spent the first years of Ailis’ life teaching her, preparing her for a great destiny. When her mother found out she moved them to California and away from her grandmother and teacher. So she decided to spend her life on the side of law enforcement. She is still doing great things. Her only problem now is that she is pretty sure that the serial murders her homicide unit is investigating are not being committed by a human. In walks the most gorgeous man she has ever seen. What’s wrong with that? Ailis not only knows that he is a vampire but she also knows that he is the one who’s been draining child molesters and murderers and leaving an empty carcass for her to find. Still, he does not seem like a bad guy to her. During her investigation she unearths secrets about her families past that takes her half way across the world to right a wrong that occurred hundreds of years ago. Can she trust this vampire to help her solve a mystery that could very well end up with her being life challenged herself? 
Dangerously attractive vampire, Kenneth has been around long enough to know that there are no such things as coincidences. That’s why, when he meets the undeniably strong willed homicide detective Ailis, he knows that there is a good explanation as to why she looks identical to his long dead fiancĂ©. He just has to figure out what that would be. He decides to look into it and quickly discovers that she may look like his fiancĂ© but she is independent and don’t take any crap. It doesn’t take long for her to remind him that he has a heart and what it feels like when it is breaking. When his one hundred year nemesis shows up in Miami and tries to force Ailis to join him, he realizes that her powers are worth something to even the worst of his kind. He pledges to protect her from any danger as long as he is still breathing. If those trying to keep her from fulfilling her destiny have anything to do about it, that won’t be long at all. 

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