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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I'd been trying so hard to juggle so many things in my life that I found myself putting my writing (which is my passion) on the back burner of my "things to do list" I had so much on my plate that my creativity was lacking (A lot!). I just couldn't concentrate, focus, or much less gather the strength and desire to open up my computer and dedicate myself to my craft.

Yet, something happened yesterday that made me reassess my needs and desires. Something made me rethink almost everything, but mostly, what I wanted to do with myself and my life. I realized a very long time ago that if you want to do what you wish to do in your own life, you will never be able to please EVERYONE in that process. Yet, in the last few years I'd found myself living in an opposite manner to my belief. I found myself, wanting and trying to please everyone. Yet, yesterday, it hit me like a ton of bricks all over again... You can't please ALL of the people ALL of the time. At best; you can please SOME of the people SOME of the time.

So, what matters more? Pleasing people, or pleasing my own needs and desires? The obvious answer is; Please myself. I need to live life the way I want to live it. I heard a quote the other day "When it's time for me to die, no one is going to die for me. So let me live the way I want!" SO TRUE!

After making up my mind yesterday. And deciding on doing what I want, how I want, I was actually able to sleep peacefully! That's a miracle, if I'd ever seen one!

Until next time my pretties.
Y. Correa