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Sunday, October 23, 2011

1st Entry

Hello Readers,

My name is Y. Correa, the Author of the fantasy fiction novels titled "In Love With Death" & "La Encantadora/The Enchantress" And this is my second try at this blog. Some time ago, I had a blog at this site but decided to delete it as it didn't seem to be producing any growth. Since then much has happened.

1) I opened a Blog at a different site.
2) I completed another full length novel.
3) And a few other things.

However, in due time I will bring you all up to speed with all this occurrences. For today, I will settle with sharing some website links with you, so that you can see what's been happening.

My other blog:

My email address:

My Facebook:

My Website:

Now, if you are a fan of Paranormal Romance stories, here are a few places where you can go to download my stories:

You can read Fate Books Stories at the following:

Until next time everyone!
Y Correa