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Friday, October 28, 2011


Hello everyone!

You know, I was sitting here updating my website, and as I was doing that I was thinking about a lot of things. So, I decided that maybe I should blog about it and share it all with you...

I love to Write. I once read a comment by a online friend of mine whom also happens to be an Author and a better known one than me, I might add, and the comment said, and I quote "You breathe, you write... By: Claudy Conn"

That is so true. That's what it is like for me as well. I breath, I write. It is truly a passion of mine that I stashed away for the longest time because I had been led to believe that writing got you nowhere. That it was a waist of time and effort. That I had to be a "realist" and come to terms that "writing was not a real job" yet all that being said, who knows, it might be true. But, I personally think of it this way...

It's not about getting somewhere. It's not about wasting my time. It's not about writing being a real job (even though I know it is for many) or anything of the sort...

It's about doing something that I love, regardless of the progression of said thing. In other words; I write because I enjoy it, because I love it, because for me writing is a passion, because it takes me to unexpected places without having to spend a dime, because I can visit any place and time when I write, because I can share my imagination with others, and because it is part of who and what I am! And I refuse to change ME for anyone! I love ME!

You see, I realize that there are MANY GREAT AND TALENTED AUTHORS out there. I realize that I may never be a Stephenie Meyers or a J.D. Rowling or a Nora Roberts (Authors whom I actually respect and admire), I may never get to that level, but it doesn't matter to me. I don't mind never getting there. All I really want is to share my stories with people around the world. 

Yes, I am a dreamer. Yes, I am a visionary. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic. Yes, I am imaginative. And yes, maybe even a little unrealistic... But, I feel like what may seem like my flaw to others, I have turned into a benefit. I know the hard word involved in becoming a well known Author, and I realize that with my limited abilities and funds, I may never get to that point, but here is what the bottom line is for me:

When I am a old woman, laying on my death bed, looking into my children's eyes as I say goodbye for the last time, and as I mentally reminisce about my life... I want to close my eyes for the last time, NEVER having regretted a choice that I have made. KNOWING that I lived my life the way that I wanted and I TRIED until my last breath to make my dreams come true, even if they never did happen. I want LOVE for my life and my children to have been my last thought. Knowing that I tried, knowing that I lived and loved the way that only I could have done, knowing that I can say goodbye with no regrets, is all that matters to me.

Just a thought,
Y. Correa