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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Concordant Vibrancy 3: Beem Weeks

Hello Readers, Writers, and Precious Patrons and thank you for visiting All Authors Blog. For the next two weeks, we will be meeting the participants of the third installment of the Concordant Vibrancy collection, entitled “Lustrate”.


Today, we present Beem Weeks who will discuss why he decided to participate in Lustrate, along with a small excerpt from his work.


What inspired me to be part of Lustrate?:

The theme of this collection is a huge reason for me. I immediately conjured ideas for a short story that fell in line with this theme. What embodies the composition of fluidity? That's a great question to ponder, to write about, to find creativity within those words. Fluidity often means changing from one thing to another. Change can be scary or it can be good. The one thing about change: It is certain to happen. Having an opportunity to share the same pages with so many talented indie authors is also a deciding factor in accepting this incredible invitation. I am humbled and honored to have my name connected with this project.


Excerpt from Overcome (Holy Water): 

We drink water to stay alive. Water gives life to the vegetables we plant in our fields. Rivers carve out shipping lanes for commerce. Those same rivers will run hydro-electric generators giving electricity to large metropolitan cities like Nashville, Birmingham, and Little Rock.

But water, well, it possesses other properties most folks won't even consider. Water changes people and places. It alters the living. 

I came up in Little Rock, Arkansas, during those Jim Crow days. Being black meant I couldn't just waltz into the diner, slide into a booth, and order a hamburger, French fries, and a milk shake. It meant I had to search out the appropriate drinking fountain on those sweltering summer afternoons. It's just the way things were. Democrats had their say, and their say meant segregation of the races—even though my mama always said there ain't but one race: the human race.

For more of Overcome (Holy Water) and other contributions in Concordant Vibrancy 3: Lustrate, rush and acquire on January 17th.