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Friday, December 9, 2016

Author Interview with Alejandro Hernandez

Dear Readers, Writers, and Precious Patrons,

Today on All Authors Blog, we’re pleased to bring you an interview with Alejandro Hernandez, author of the book Western Cycles.

1. Thank you Alejandro for joining us today. To begin, discuss how your writing career came about?
From my childhood I have always felt an enthusiastic curiosity about the historical development of the economy and the politics of nations, especially the developed ones. I constantly access information related to these aspects and this is how I came to accumulate appreciable amounts of data. One of my concerns was the divergence of criteria with which information is usually treated according to the different political positions. Thus came the idea of ​​beginning to write books that would come to describe the most important events in the most respectful and impartial way possible. I also hoped to find a link between the political cycles and the economic cycles in order to  expand the gender dimension.

2. Let's talk about your recent book, Western Cycles: United Kingdom.  The book follows the economic journey of the UK following World War II. Why did you feel this was an important topic to write about?
It is impressive the destruction caused by World War II around the world and I think it is a phenomenon well known by all. However, I find it particularly interesting how the European nations managed to rebuild themselves, but never with the same structure and always with a balance between austerity and intrepidity. Western Cycles: United Kingdom begins by describing this situation for the case of this country and then continues the chronological thread to the present in  a precise and enjoyable way, according to what I have been told by  some readers.

3. Did you have a lot of research for the book?
It is remarkable the amount of information that I agreed to write Western Cycles: United Kingdom. In general terms, I analyzed many economic indicators and read many articles from various newspapers from decades ago. Of course, many data were not included in the book because I consider them irrelevant to the objectives I have set out with this publication. I have always believed that simplicity is the greatest sophistication.

4. In your research, what is something surprising about the UK's economy?
The similarities shared by the United Kingdom's economic cycles with those of the United States are striking. However, it is interesting how the depth of this behavior has been attenuated as trade integration with the rest of Europe has deepened.

5. What type of feedback have you received since publishing the book?
I have received very enthusiastic emails at Most emphasize the simplicity and precision of the book. Many value the learning that has been reported to them, as well as the characteristics that make it distinctive in the genre. I think the most liked chapters are Clement Atlee and Margaret Thatcher. Finally, many readers are surprised that its author is Cuban and that he is 19 years old.

6. Aside from Western Cycles, do you have any other books published?
I have not written another book. A part of Western Cycles: United Kingdom is available for free on Smashwords by the way. I have also been posting several articles on my blog about Cuba and the UK. The articles of the latter country constitute portions of the contents of  the book.

7. How would you describe your writing routine?
I like to write on the weekends. It is usual for me to download a lot of information about the content that I am going to analyze. Then I elaborate numerous drafts that I gradually improve according to my  literary style. Finally enrich the information with very descriptive graphics.

8. When you're not busy writing, what do you like in your downtime?
I like reading. I find interesting science fiction books as The Hunger Games or epic fantasy as Game of Thrones. I also like to watch movies and I have a collection of superhero movies (not something I feel very proud of). Sometimes I play strategy games like Civilization and StarCraft.

9. Last question, how do you envision your writing career five years from now?
I would like to write two or three more books with the style of  Western Cycles: United Kingdom, but describing other countries. Right  now I am very undecided as to which nations they could be. I would  appreciate if the readers of this blog gave me their suggestions. You  can send me your recommendations to Facebook and Twitter.

Book Blurb:
How Clement Attlee created the welfare state? How Winston Churchill faced the Malayan Emergency? Why Margaret Thatcher is admired and hated at the same time? What was the political cost of the Iraq War for Tony Blair? How Gordon Brown responded to the Great Recession?  Have austerity measures of David Cameron working correctly? The answers are in Western Cycles: United Kingdom.

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Author Bio:
My name is Alejandro Puerto Hernandez. I am 19 years old and live in Cuba. Since my childhood I have accompanied an indomitable passion for knowledge and finding sources of Internet access. The combination of these two factors gave me the creation of the book Western Cycles:  United Kingdom, which covers economic and political history of this nation from 1945-2015.

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