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Friday, September 16, 2016

Book Feature with Lorraine Nelson

Dear Readers, Writers, and Precious Patrons,

Today on All Authors Blog, we're pleased to feature Lorraine Nelson, author of the new book Cowboy Dreamin.


Jack Grayson finished university and was ready to go home and take over the family spre

Allison Wakefield is the new vet in town.

When they first meet, sparks fly and tempers soar.

Then Jack enters her life again at a vulnerable moment and their attraction blooms.

Jack and Allison are both plagued with vandalism, which accelerates to attempted murder.

Somebody doesn’t want them together. Can they figure out who has it in for them before someone gets killed? 


The rain started in earnest again as he neared the clinic. When he braked to a stop beside her truck, there weren’t any lights on. If she was sleeping, he didn’t think he’d earn any brownie points for waking her up. He sat in the truck and glanced around the neighborhood. The streetlights weren’t even on. The power must have gone out in this section of town.
He opened his door and ran through the rain to the front entrance. Brrr, but it was a cold rain. Jack knocked on the door just as thunder boomed overhead. Thinking she probably hadn’t heard his knock, he knocked louder the second time. Come on, girl. I don’t want to stand out here all night.
He’d knocked a third time and was about to give up and go home when he saw a flicker of light coming from within.
“Who’s there?” asked a sleepy, sexy-sounding voice.
“Jack Grayson.”
She unlocked the door and held it open. “Come in out of the rain.”
“Thank you.” He stepped inside, took off his jacket, and hung it over the doorknob.
“What brings you here? Did the horse get worse?”
“No, I came to eat a little crow. I’m sorry if my teasing set you off this afternoon. It’s been bothering me, the way you took off so quick and all.”
“You drove all the way out here in the pouring rain and pounded on my door so hard you scared me half to death just to apologize?”
Jack grinned. “Yep. Am I forgiven?”
She shook her head, her blonde curls bouncing around her face delightfully. A stroke of lightning lit up the front of the clinic and he saw her cringe and take a few steps backward.
“Are you all right?” he asked.
“No, I hate storms. Terrified of them, actually.”
She was shaking so hard now he was afraid for her.
“Come here,” he said, and held out his arms. She paused for only a moment before she gave in to the need to be comforted. He held her close to his heart, close enough that her shivers vibrated off his chest. She fit well in his arms, and it felt good to hold her, regardless of circumstances. He could smell her perfume mixed with a womanly scent that was all her own. “This little storm is nothing to fret about.”
“Little storm?” She snorted a laugh. “I’d hate to see a bigger one.”
Her trembling had slowed to an occasional shiver.
“Thank you,” she said as she pushed away from him. “It’s nice to not be alone in this.”
“Have you had dinner?” he asked.
She shook her head. “No, the power went out so I went to bed early.”
“Why don’t I order some takeout and sit with you until the storm ends?”
“You’d do that? For me? You don’t even know me.”
“Maybe not, but I know fear when I see it. I’ll even order Chinese. It’s been a while since I had a good feed of the stuff.”
She grinned up at him. The beam from the flashlight outlined her features in a surreal glow that resembled a halo. “I’d take you up on that, but the phones went out with the power.”
“No problem. I have my cell. So, we’re on?”
“Yes, we’re on. Do you need the phone book? It’s over here on the desk.”
"Thanks." She held the flashlight as he flipped through the yellow pages and got the number. "What's your pleasure?" he asked as he dialed.


About the Author:

Lorraine Nelson is a multi-published, award-winning, bestselling author who lives in rural New Brunswick, on the east coast of Canada. Always a bookworm, she’s read many novels of romance and mystery over the years, finally deciding to put her pen to work at writing one. At time of publication, Lorraine has 33 titles available.

“To write romance and romantic suspense is my dream come true, although my mom says I was born with an avid imagination and pencil in hand, crafting stories from an early age. Now my children have grown and have lives of their own, I have time to indulge my passion for writing.”

Lorraine enjoys spending time with her three sons and six grandchildren. When not at the computer, you can find her spending time with family, gardening, baking and, of course, reading.

Lorraine’s books are listed on her website where you’ll find blurbs, excerpts, reviews, and more.
She loves to hear from readers. You can email your comments to: or use the contact form on her website.