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Monday, June 6, 2016

Book Feature with K.K. Harris

Dear Readers, Writers, and Precious Patrons,

Today on All Authors Blog we're pleased to welcome KK Harris and showcase her book Vows of Deception.

Heartbroken, devastated, lacking self-esteem, and loaded with negative debt Danielle has to pick up the pieces of her crumbled life. To stay above water with the countless credit card bills, foreclosed home, and repossessed cars holding her credit hostage Danielle has to take on a part-time job. Assuming things could not possibly get any worse, she was dealt the deadliest blow of them all. Betrayal from close links causes her to look to a stranger for a comforting assistance.  

The toughest decisions to make in life can make or break you. Read more to see what will transpire from the tragedies dealt to Danielle. Could love be an option for a reason, a season, or possibly a lifetime?


“Sweetheart, are you ready?” Lamont sauntered into their bathroom as she sat at her vanity retouching her makeup. She couldn’t help but to admire how sexy he looked in his Armani suit.

“Depends on what you mean by ready?” Danielle said seductively giving her husband the eye. The smirk on his face let her know he knew exactly where her mind had drifted off to.

“Maybe I should be asking you what exactly you are ready for.”

“I am ready for you to make love to me. It’s been a little while since the last time we were together.”

“I know baby but we’ve both been really busy.”

“Well I got a surprise for you.”

“Oh yeah and what’s that?” Danielle removed her robe to reveal her clean-shaven kitty with his name in beautiful script over the triangle.

“Is that a real tattoo?” Lamont asked with an appalled look on his face.

“No silly it’s airbrushed.”

“As good as you look half naked and all, you should probably get dressed so we can get out of here. We don’t want to keep our guests waiting.”

“I am standing here with this gift on display and all you can think about is our guests.”

“I promise after we get back from our party, I will gladly ravish every inch of my gift. How does that sound?” Lamont kissed Danielle on the nose before pulling her into a tight embrace. “You smell so good.”

“Thank you but I probably taste even better. Would you like a taste husband?”

“I will take your word for it. The limo is downstairs honey. Chop, chop we have to get going.”

“You have got to be kidding me.” Danielle exclaimed because she was big heaping coal of horny. It had been at least two months since they had sex lasting longer than a quickie. In the beginning, he would make it last for quite some time but now he was always in a rush.
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About the Author

Kanika K. Harris was born and raised in Little Rock, AR. She attended and graduated from the historical Little Rock Central High School in 1999. Kanika is married to her wonderful husband of ten years and mother to three children. Wanting to be an urban fiction novelist was a dream of hers and finally in 2013 she self-published ‘Love Drug’. The first released novel only increased the hunger to see what other plateaus she could reach.

The passion to create soon trickled over to creating unique book covers. As an author, the need to express the text inside with the perfect perception on the cover is very crucial and Kanika aims for her covers to speak volumes. Although the writing process can be trying at times, she is looking forward to many more stories to come.

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