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Monday, April 4, 2016

Author Spotlight with Marie Martinez

Dear Readers, Writers and Precious Patrons,

All Authors Blog is pleased to have author Marie Martinez with us. Today, we'll be showcasing her book, Yolanda.


Yolanda is a fun loving carefree Latina woman who loves her freedom. After a strict up bringing that continued into her marriage with her ex-husband, Yolanda now embraces her new found freedom. Each day felt like a breath of fresh air reviving her soul and filling her life with determination to laugh and play in a world where she now has control. No one, not even Yolanda suspected that the darkness that awaited her in the shadows of the night, would show its ruthless web of deceit.

His name was Joaquin. He was a sexy man, who brought out Yolanda's most inner desires and emotions which led her to lose focus on what's important. She slipped into a dark world leaving her numb with confusion. Her humble free life no longer had meaning. She lives, smells and breathes Joaquin. Now at his mercy, Yolanda's life spirals out of control leaving her in despair. She slips further away from her family and friends who try to warn her that she is losing control.

Already bound to Joaquin in body and spirit, how will Yolanda crawl her way out of his web of deceit? Will she remain there forever or will she escape and find her freedom again? You will love Yolanda and her friends. They are fun and share a love that keeps them close even in the worst of time. Find out if Yolanda escaped.

About the Author:
Marie Martinez was born and raised in Chicago Illinois. She entered her first poem in Women's Circle magazine in the 1980's and won 85 dollars for her poetry prayer. She attended South Suburban College where she received her Associates Degree in 2005. Many of her poetry and a short story was chosen and entered into South Suburban Colleges' magazine, The Scriblerian in 2002-2003.

She attended Governor State University as an English major for a year. She continues her passion in writing and recently gave birth to her first novel, Yolanda, in 2014. Marie continues to write and plans on publishing her second book to the Yolanda Series by the end of summer of 2015. Marie Martinez is a Latina women striving ahead and showing the world that a Latina's voice is heard.

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