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Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Memories: Vociferous

Today on Monday Memories, All Authors bring you an article titled Vociferous, which was featured in issue 4 of All Authors Magazine.

Our word for this issue, in honor of our Rise and Shine theme, is vociferous; four beautiful syllables of equal consonant and vowel sounds and components so as to make it a decidedly pleasant word to utter.

Let’s break it down, shall we?

Vociferous, pronounced as [voh-sif-er-uh s] is an adjective meaning “characterized by vehemence, clamor, or noisiness”. Coming into existence circa 1610, the word comes from the Latin vociferari “to shout, yell, cry out,” from vox (genitive vocis) “voice” and the stem word of ferre “to carry”.  

As summer encroaches the air will soon be filled with the vociferous cries of happy children eager to begin their days of freedom. Creative souls everywhere have uttered their own vociferous cries of jubilation or frustration at one time or another.

 Look familiar?

As we tidy up and get our spring cleaning done in anticipation of glorious warm weather, afternoons full of sunshine and refreshing drinks, let’s take note of all the various vociferations that delight or offend our ears. All Authors Magazine’s theme of Rise and Shine is its own vociferous proclamation, much like the rooster’s crow as dawn creeps over the horizon and peeks a timid eye at the world below: Rise and Shine! Rise and Shine!