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Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday Memories: Awesome Covers

Hello Readers, Authors, and Precious Patrons,

Today's Monday Memories features a throwback interview with Perri Forrest, where she talks about the cover for her book The Color of Lies.

1) Where did the inspiration for the cover come from? 

Honestly, this was only my second time using a graphic artist. I did my first one myself, my debut novel came from someone else, and this person I had just seen in passing on Facebook. I sent her a one-liner about what I had in mind and she came back with this cover on the first go.

2) Do you feel that it reflects the story well? 

I feel that it does since it's such an open-ended image it could fit most anywhere. The cover is deeply passionate, and shows two people in the throes of that passion, so to know there are lies behind it, makes it all the more intriguing. The excitement for me comes with wondering what the first impression a person would get at first glance. Like how it speaks to them if they could sum it up in a few words.

3) Did you design it yourself or was it designed by another party? 

She (Dynasty CoverMe)  took over with this one. I sent her a synopsis and she came with it.

4) Given the choice, would you change anything about it? 

I would. I've found as of late, that I'm really a girl about imagery. I don't like people on the cover if they don't have to be. I want my audience to fall in love with the content, not with what the people on the front might have to do with that. Hopefully, that makes sense.

5) Was this the original cover to this book, or was there one prior (like a first edition)? 

This is a bit tricky because it isn't really what I had in mind. This is going to sound a little weird, but initially, I was just a little upset when she came back with the cover. I mean I LOVED the cover, but what didn't sit right with me was that she "assumed" I wanted African American characters on the cover, and I'm assuming that it's because I'm an African American author. However, when I originally wrote The Color of Lies, my characters were Caucasian. I literally went through my story and changed all reference to their descriptions to fit the cover because I did feel a connection to the cover.

6) Does this cover reflect your artistic preference?

No. As stated in the other question, I am much more about imagery. I recently redid the cover for my debut novel and wanted imagery and nothing else. The same artist that I used for The Color of Lies did the cover, and with each mock up she sent, even though I'd told her "Imagery", and to use the building I'd sent, she managed to add a person. Lol! So finally, it just grew on me. So I think that the whole imagery thing may be a bit difficult for some which is why I'm in the process of learning Photoshop myself. I have a keen eye for what I want, so sometimes I can be immensely difficult to please. Nevertheless, I've been happy with the service. I would just rather, in a perfect world for my vision to come across exact in delivery and receipt.