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Friday, February 19, 2016

Demoness Enchanted Blog Tour Week

Hello, greetings to one and all.

This week we are celebrating the Blog Tour of C. Desert Rose's "Demoness Enchanted" Book 2 of the Fate's Endeavor Series.

Today Rose would like to talk about her main characters and their roles in the story. Rose, please take it away.

Hello everyone!

Thanks for having me.

Well, as mentioned above, I'm here today to talk a little bit about the main characters of "Demoness Enchanted". And, awaaaay we go. 

You ever seen an actors face and just KNOW that that’s the face of your character?

Case in point, please look above.

Of course, one of the two images above is outdated (having been taken in 2009), but these two actors are the best visual example of my two main characters. Only, Roman wears glasses.

Anywho, I slid off track there for a minute.

Back on track … let’s go!


The heroine of Demoness Enchanted is named Zita. She is a human and demon hybrid. The demon half, being a mystical demon known to graze the expansive waters of the Amazon Rainforest—the Encantado.

The Encantado demon is said to be a water creature during the day and a humanoid creature at night. It is a species of men, and it sings to its prey in order to entrap them.

It wasn’t until the birth of Zita that the mold was broken. She was and remained the only female Encantado known to the Universe; La Encantadora.


Roman is just an average guy. A regular Western New Yorker who doesn’t take life too seriously, and is pretty funny to boot.

Roman was adopted at birth, but does have a younger brother and sister who annoy the heck out of him. His best friend’s name is Andy, and he keeps Roman entertained.

All is just a average, everyday life for the American teenager known as Roman, until the day he literally dreams of Zita. That’s when Roman’s world is turned upside down. 

Is in the air when

Steps in to take control.

Now, please, enjoy an excerpt.


One day a man much older than I approached me whilst I begged in the streets.
With a single finger he beckoned me to his car, “I can help you,” he said.
Carefully I walked to the window of his car. He scared me somehow. Everything about him made me feel uneasy. It was the help that he offered that kept my attention. When I reached his car window, he took one dirty finger and removed a strand of hair from my face. The action gave me goosebumps. Fear set in.
The man placed his lips to my eye and whispered, “Such a pretty girl like you has no need to beg in the streets,”
“Yes, of course.” His tone changed. It sounded something like the slithering of a snake. “There are many things you could do. Things that many men would pay you a lot of money for.”
“Indeed, pretty girl,”
“How- how can I get money?”
He smiled. The curl of his lips was repugnant and obscure. “It's easy. You just have to please them.”
“Alright. How?”
“Tonight, when the sun sets, go to the red building at the end of this block,” he pointed a skinny finger towards the end of the road, “Ask for Mauricio. Tell them you are the new girl.”
“Are you Mauricio?”
“Yes, sweetheart. I will show you what needs to be done next then.”
“Alright,” I nodded, “Thank you.”
“No, thank you pretty girl.” I could hear the snake slithering in his voice once again. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand. Yet, at the prospect of money I put away the unease.