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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Don't Rise and Shine on Other People's Dreams

Dear Readers, Writers and Precious Patrons.

Today, on All Authors Blog we bring you a special post titled Don't Rise and Shine on Other People's Dreams.

Pull up a chair, relax, and enjoy.

Do you want to be a commendable, noticeable, and respected author? If you, so must have integrity!

That is another must, in the writing world. Truth be told, that's a must in any world.

Today, I tell you the tale of an author who was so desperate for recognition, he lost his integrity and respect for other authors.

Once upon a time, there was an indie author, who had just finished publishing their first story.

Let's call him Jacob.

Jacob was so excited, so incredibly proud of himself. So amazed was he with his achievement that he endeavored to make his name known to the general public. Jacob was certain, adamant actually, that his story idea was worth noticing. As a matter of fact, he was so sure that he decided that he needed support. Someone that knew something of the indie writing world to mentor him. To show him the ropes.

You see, as good as he was sure that his story was, he didn't know enough about the writing world to get the story out there, into the hands of the general public.

In time Jacob came across several different websites that offered author support, and in the process he met some really awesome people. Jacob dreamed that one day he could be like them, any one of them.

It just so happened that in one of these groups Jacob met Sam. Sam was a seasoned indie author, and knew the market well. Sam and Jacob became friends. Soon, Sam had taught Jacob everything that he knew of the indie world. He'd taken Jacob under his wing and selflessly gave and taught him everything he needed to know.

At some point during their friendship Sam decided that he wanted to undertake a new venture. Something that would benefit all indie authors alike. He would offer his skills as an indie author for a very affordable fee—almost free. I mean, why not help others out with his knowhow, right? Upon having made that choice the first person to come to his mind to join him on this project was Jacob.

“Jacob, I would really like it if you joined me on this. I think it would be beneficial for all parties involved. You'll get your name out there as a service provider as well as an indie author. Join me?” Sam propositioned. You see, Sam's idea was a truly great one—something innovative.

“Oh wow, Sam! How could I say no to you? You're my mentor. My friend. It would be my pleasure, my honor in fact, to do this with you.”

Some time had passed, and as they worked together Sam noticed Jacob's lack of conviction and professionalism. There was something about Jacob's aura that told Sam that he was no longer wholeheartedly in the project. After weighing his options, Sam decided that it was best to ask Jacob to step down from his task. Not because he no longer believed in him, but because taking all things into consideration, Jacob was simply not giving his best anymore. He was too preoccupied with other projects that he'd somehow lost sight of what really mattered: the love of the craft.

One day, Sam approached Jacob with the news. As Sam suspected, Jacob was a little heartbroken, but Jacob professed to understand Sam's choice and respect it. More than that, he promised that their friendship would not be affected by this decision.

Sam was exceedingly glad. It was great that he and Jacob could remain friends and still share their works and their love for the art of writing. Good things.

With time Sam noticed that Jacob seemed distant.  He was no longer as friendly as he used to be. They barely spoke and there was little to no communication between them, except maybe for the occasional, “Hey. How are you?” post on Social Networking sites. This made Sam sad, because Sam had really cared about their friendship.

Through the grapevine Sam caught wind of certain things that Jacob was doing in order to promote his books that were less than kosher. Things that just seemed dishonest. Sam was worried. He was right all along, Jacob had lost his way. Being the friend that he was, he approached Jacob and asked him if he was okay, or if he wanted to talk. Jacob cordially declined, stating that he was just fine. Regardless, Sam's concern was there.

Months had passed. Their relationship had not gotten any better, withal Sam's project was flourishing. Things were going amazingly well and Sam was proud. His idea had worked after all. Now he was in the position to help himself, as well as many others—Jacob included.

However, one day, as Sam scanned his Social Media network, as he did so often, he saw something that caught him off guard.

Jacob, his good friend Jacob, who he had mentored, taught and taken under his wing, had stolen his idea. He had plagiarized Sam's undertaking.

Words could not express Sam's disbelief and sorrow. How could he? Why would he do that? That was so low! So, so low! What was Sam to do? His good friend intended on making headway in this world, by copying Sam's original idea. How could he stab him in the back that way, after everything that Sam had done for him?

Sadly, the story does not end in with “happily ever after”...

Sam and Jacob's friendship came to a screeching halt. Jacob had burned bridges. Instead of making a good name for himself in this industry, he'd ruined his own reputation.

Why? Because he was a glutton for praise.

Many times in this industry we see that the people who deserve it the least are the ones on top. Please, ask yourselves why.

The answer is simple. They become blinded by their desire and their greed to be noticed, and they try to rise and shine using other people's dreams. These people will not last long. Why? Because they sold their integrity and respect, for unmerited acknowledgment.

What is the moral of the story? It is simple. Maintain your integrity and your respect for others, because in the end, if you've lost that, then you've lost everything. Word gets around. Karma is a bitch. When people find out what you've done, and they will find out, you'll regret every second of it.

Some will argue and say this is a free market. People can do whatever they like. Those are usually the ones stealing other people's ideas. Still, if you did decide to go that route, is the pay off worth it? Think about it!