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Friday, January 8, 2016

Concordant Vibrancy 2 Blog Tour: Y. Correa

Y. Correa is a literary seductress, luring one in with her talent of Romancing the Words, keeping one hypnotized with dynamic characters, and stimulating one with engaging narrative voices, strong plots, and epic conflicts. Her writes are as complex and as distinct as her person; a delightful combination of eclectic and antiquated. Therefore, the mere mention of fitting into one set genre is laughable. The multi-genre decadence is where she showcases her magnificence.

Some of Y. Correa’s works include Historical Fiction “MarcoAntonio & Amaryllis”, Sci-Fi Mashup “Earth 8-8-2: The Genesis Project”, Sci-Fi Fiction series “A.L.O.M” and short stories such as “Ryan”, “Loving … them!” and “The G. Particle”.
Ms. Correa has also been in several short story anthologies and is the Founder/Creator of All Authors Publications and Promotions whose subsidiaries are:

1. All Authors Magazine

2. All Authors Graphic Design

3. All Authors Publishing House


4. All Authors Certificate of Excellence
Would you like to enter into Y. Correa’s dimensions of literary seduction?

What prompted you to be part of Concordant Vibrancy 2: Vitality?

Asking me to be part of an anthology with such a strong premise is like reeling a fish with a hook. I just can't resist.

I do, however, feel that I should back track a smidgen.

The Concordant Vibrancy Collection is the brain child of All Authors, yet, participation is not mandatory but voluntary. So, although one might be affiliated to All Authors, one is not required to participate. Not even I, the All Authors President and Creator.

Nevertheless, when posed a premise such as that of "What force drives your spirit?" I am obliged to join as I felt an immediate connection to said plot.

That was the reason why I joined. I felt as though this was something that needed to be elaborated on in any which way and fashion. Of course, in being who I am, the short story that I contributed is more of a Science Fiction than anything else, but it promises to entice your imagination and think about what can happen when one's desires are misplaced.

Thank you.

Please enjoy an excerpt of "Genomegenics" by yours truly.


The Year 2085

Big City, USA

The announcer’s voice blared loudly through the speakers of the virtual reality billboard. 3D images of him bounced off of its pavement and sprang to life.  His hair was slicked back and dark, held by a bit too much hair gel and he wore a notably expensive Armani suit.

Are you tired of being normal? Tired of always fitting in? Tired of being just another jellybean in the bag? Are you sick of not being pretty enough, smart enough or strong enough?
Try Genomegenics. Our specialized laboratories can not only make your dream of being extraordinary come true, but they can make it happen without the need of cloning or rebirth.
What is a genome after all, if not a cell that can be moved or replaced?
Then don’t wait any longer. Genomegenics is waiting for you!
Exchange that high blood pressure for high cheek bones. Change up that nearsightedness to super sight. Trade out that mediocre brain of yours for nothing short of Einstein’s.
All it takes is a simple call … Better yet, a visit to Genomegenics!

Just as quickly as the announcer had finished his last words, an even faster talking announcer splayed out a string of information that no one could understand. Once he’d completed his speech, the screen flashed with an array of colors and sparks which led to the bursting of the gold and red company logo, with a one eight hundred number just below it.
The entire splendor of bouncing letters, digits and persons was concluded with a “Call or Visit Now!” Then the 3D commercial re-ran instantly.

“Joe, what do you think of Genomegenics? Sounds interesting, huh?” Peter asked just to sort of see what his lifelong best friend would reply.
Joe started his reply with a small hum of insecurity, “I don’t know man. I’ve never really trusted those things. It’s like they’re selling milk to a cow. Just full of empty promises, you know? I mean, how can anyone change the way they’re born? Not possible.”