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Monday, December 7, 2015

SSS & HER Blog Tour

Hello Dear Readers, Writers and Precious Patrons,

Welcome once again to the All Authors Blog. In a with so many books released so often, how does one select a great book to read? Well, easy. By reading an excerpt. However, before sharing that with you, let’s tell you a little bit about the authors.

Synful Desire, Author of “H.E.R.: Handy Extended Release” and “Simmer Sweet”

“Where Surrender is Liberation”

Desire surrenders herself to whatever resides in her mind. More often than not, the end results laugh and rebel against what is accepted in society. She likes to think there are readers who yearn for something more, whether it be a twist on an old narrative or advocacy of out of the box situations.

Her current independent publications are the micro-short “Kona” and the novelette Delectable Things: Special Edition. She also composed a micro-short entitled “The Desktop Surprise” as part of a guest blog to honor National Short Story Month in May 2015.

In addition to those works, Synful Desire has been featured in Concordant Vibrancy: Unity (“Lester’s Release”), the Amazon Best Selling Book Continuous Drips (“Derailed Endurance”, “Final Prep to Happiness”, and “FAN-tasy Island”), and Crackles of the Heart: Divergent Ink (“Seven Days of Stimuli”).

Adonis Mann, Author of “Simmer Smoothe”

“Thy Syncopation of Ravishing Intensity”

Adonis Mann has a style all his own. He does not always give his characters names, as his sole intent is for the audience to place themselves in the characters world; to make the reader and the character one. Yet, when he does, it does not take away from the marvel that are his prose. Embellishing his writing with seductive verbiage makes each story unique in its own right and also makes Adonis Mann’s literature singular and unparalleled.

Dive into Adonis Mann’s world and the syncopation of ravishing intensity that is his exposition. Every story is guaranteed to beguile your imagination and soothe your hunger for a linguistic aphrodisiac.

Current Works:
1. Featured in "Concordant Vibrancy: Unity, An All Authors Anthology" with his short story "... and we"
2. "Let's Play on Valentine's Day"
3. Featured in "Crackles of the Heart: Divergent Ink Book One" with his short story "Mystical Nights"
4. "... and we"

Never underestimate the steam of a hot caffeinated beverage infused with the flavor of imagination. Wake up your senses while savoring “Kona”.

A simple ad gives a curious skeptic a lot more than he was bargaining for. Check out the hair-raising experience while combing through “Tresses”.

Darbi has her share of bad luck. She is unexpectedly in job purgatory and has no chance of ever getting a promotion. Her online dating profile sat months without any responses. Why should she continue?

As she signed on to delete everything entirely, three responses catch her eye. All are different but each has something about them which makes Darbi want to meet all three. Ade appears to be the guy next door. Boyde looks like a supermodel. Choise looks like the rugged type.
When all is not what it seems, Darbi has concluded that her love life is mating with her job status in purgatory. Will anything come in handy to turn her luck around?
This version of “Handy” includes an epilogue, as well as Darbi speak.

Erotic, Experimental, and Entertaining—All come in Handy when experiencing a Good Release.


In life, Darbi had always won the lottery—the lottery of Lousy Luck.
The first lackluster area was her job. Darbi took a position writing “What Not to Wear” segments for the local magazine. She believed if she began small, eventually she would get to the top. However, each time a promotional spot opened, Darbi got passed over.
After this recent disappointment Josie (the chic who snagged the latest promotion) stopped by Darbi's cubicle. Darbi had failed immensely at masking her displeasure. She used the pink Kleenex to dab at the smears of blue and black mascara. After silently observing, Josie pulled a few extra sheets and gently tapped Darbi on the shoulder. Darbi grabbed the tissues from Josie's freckled hand and mouthed, “Thanks”.
“Don't mention it, Darbi. I don't understand why you took the 'What Not to Wear' spiel anyway.”
Darbi paused while blowing her nose. “What do you mean Josie?” Each syllable spoken caused the dangling pink tissue to flutter against her lips.
Josie gave her a look. Darbi couldn't tell whether it was one of apology or disbelief. Josie patted Darbi's hand while answering. “The 'What Not to Wear' column is journalism career purgatory. Why do you think the last person left?”
With that Josie made her exit. The tears Darbi believed had come to an end resumed and remained for the majority of the work day.

When love simmers sweet and passion simmers smooth, rhapsody is efficacious rapture.

Tommy and Spencer were meant for each other, that is, until a serendipitous encounter proves to be an enormous revelation. Will Luke, Tommy's childhood friend, serve to change the tide?

Kesha has finally told Teresa about her feelings. The only drawback is Teresa's engagement to Chris. Will Kesha bask in the bliss that only Teresa can bring, or will Chris get in the way?

Come feel the ardent emotions which steams under a silky surface with Simmer: Smoothe & Sweet.

Excerpt from “Simmer Smoothe”:

What a beautiful and quiet night.
The perfect time and ambiance for excellent company and the gift of peaceful contemplation.
And, contemplating I was. Contemplating him.
His lips around the wine glass—full and fetching—made me drool unwillingly. I wiped at my bottom lip just in case some undesirable slaver had seeped before he could see it.
The moonlight peeked through the sheer white curtains, a soft gust of wind swept over me which caused a tickling sensation on the back of my neck. I sat on the loveseat while Spencer stood in the far corner of the room. Lit candles covered the coffee table in front of us—yes, romantic and placid, indeed.
Perfection, just as he was.
It was hard to believe that he was mine … all mine.
We’d gotten engaged one year ago and were at the last steps before the big day.
The usual; family arriving, caterers to look into, things of that nature. I smiled at the vision of our Invitation Cards in my mind’s eye:

You are invited to the Wedding of
Thomas Kent Simmer & Spencer Richard Smoothe
July 24th
Please RSVP before July 1st

It was finally going to happen. I was going to be “Mr. Thomas Smoothe”. Ataxia practically made me fall to the floor with a mixture of excitement and elation.

Excerpt from “Simmer Sweet”:

As the pouring rain smacked against her living room window, Teresa reclined on her black leather sofa. She couldn't help but think—not about her fiancé, but about her best friend, Kesha.
She and Kesha had talked a few days ago. This was different from all the other times. On that day, Kesha confessed that she had sexual desires for women. It took Teresa by surprise. She never even suspected a thing.
However that wasn't the only surprise. Kesha also revealed that she had desires for Teresa and was not afraid to go into detail:

“Each time I look at your beautiful breasts, I lick my lips. I envy your fiancé. I crave to have the same pleasure as he, to make love to you night after night ...”

Little did Kesha know that things were stagnant between her and her fiancé. Lately, Chris was coming back late from work. At times, his breath stunk of whiskey, and his body had hints of unfamiliar scents. She and Chris had not made love in over two months. However, she didn't have enough concrete evidence that he was running around.

Teresa was feening, too.

So, now that you know more about “H.E.R.: Handy Extended Release” and “Simmer: Smoothe & Sweet”, make it a point to pick up a copy on December 15th, 2015!