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Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday Memories: Featured Book, Issue 3

Dear Reader, Writer and Precious Patrons,

Today on Monday Memories All Authors brings you a throwback of Being Richard by Toni Allen which was feature on All Authors Magazine Issue 3: Winds of Change as the Featured Book.


Being immortal has its downfalls. The recurrence of loss, the memories, and the continual need for a new identity before everyone questions why he looks so young. From the start he knew that Richard Ridley didn’t feel safe; dying in infancy, and apparently unloved. He has no intention of being Richard. But then a man turns up claiming to be from the Special Investigation Department; and he’s forced to take on Richard’s identity, or be locked up…forever. All the department wants is for him to help them find other immortals.

He is terrified at having his life controlled by others, but cannot rest until he’s discovered why Richard’s short life upsets him so much. Defying the department’s instructions he sets about investigating his history. Uncovering Richard’s past proves dangerous, even for an immortal.

My Thoughts:

There really is nothing like a book that enthralls your from the opening scene! Being Richard is definitely one of those.

In the opening scene you encounter a man lingering in the cemetery, scouting out whom will best suit his next identity. I mean, honestly now, how captivating is that?!

The main character whose real name isn't divulged until later on in the story finds himself in the predicament of having to usurp dead children's identities ever so often. Having opted to spend his life alone and in hiding this immortal decides that it's best to live this way rather than spend an eternity losing the people he cared about.

In all of his years, he's never found another like him. Not one. And all of those whom he'd loved, had eventually left him, one way or another.

When out of nowhere Gilbert enters his life. Gilbert is a dry individual, not very funny or amusing, not very crafty or creative, not much of anything except for incredibly tenacious. More than that, Gilbert and Richard share a commonality.
Still as much as “Richard” the main character, pushes him away, Gilbert just keeps coming back and in the process brings others into Richard's life.

Side Note: Something that kept making me giggle was Richard's affinity for coffee. I mean the guy had like 15 cups a day. Lol. It was like he couldn't get enough of it. This small element made him believable and realistic.

Now, let me tell you a little bit about Richard, being Richard.

"Let's take a closer look..."

Richard was a dead child that for some reason drew in the main character. There was a certain connection that he felt for this deceased child. Something that he couldn't explain. Then upon further examination of this child the main character decided that this identity is not a good fit for all intended purposes.

Yet, it is too late.

The SID has already taken his life over and thrust this identity on him, leaving him with no choice but to accept it—although he doesn't accept it gracefully. Seeing that he's in a bind and forced to assume this persona, Richard decides to look deeper into the life and background of this poor child and certain things start to unveil that leave him swirling.

Being Richard is a great story, tactfully written, excellently executed and incredibly entertaining. You'll wind up falling in love with the characters and wondering what's going to happen next. You feel what they feel, you laugh and even cry with them. It's a story that will be hard to put down once you've started it.

My only suggestion for the author, is maybe to separate the scenes with some sort of symbol (possibly a star, or something like that) in order for the story to flow a little better as there was a sort of meshing from scene to scene that if that reader doesn't pay close attention to, he/she may get a little lost. So something in place to separate the scenes would be a good idea so that the reader can follow the happenstances a bit better.

Besides that, Being Richard is an amazing story, and worth reading! It is deserving of 5 out of 5 stars!

Being Richard can still be purchased on Amazon. Just click the link below.