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Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Rewind: Awesome Covers Issue 3

Dear Readers, Writers and Precious Patrons,

Today on the All Authors Friday Rewind we bring you a look at the Awesome Covers Column of All Authors Magazine Issue 3: Winds of Change.

Now ... on with the show!

1) Where did the inspiration for the cover come from?

I had an idea of what I wanted in mind, from writing the book. So I went searching for appropriate images, which took a lot of time, but I feel was well worth the effort.

2) Do you feel that it reflects the story well?

I do feel it reflects the story well. I hope it portrays the suspense, and drama. Of course, the slight humour and romance running through the book don't show at all-lol. But all in all I'm very happy with it.

3) Did you design it yourself or was it designed by another party?

I designed the cover myself, but the base image I purchased from an artist on Deviant Art. She has recently changed her name, so I am waiting to hear from her which one she would like me to use, and I will let you know as soon as I do. Here is the base image: it is called 'In the End'.

I added the red eye and the woman in the background, then darkened and softened the edges to merge into the black book cover. As soon as I saw this picture, I knew it was the one I'd been looking for. Nothing else would do.

4) Given the choice, would you change anything about it?

I did toy with the idea of removing the red butterfly, but on reflection decided it added a touch of surrealism to the whole thing. I tied the end of the book in nicely to include the butterfly. I like the mixing of death and life in this version.

5) Was this the original cover to this book, or was there one prior (like a first edition)?

This was the original cover for this book. I had four drafts, but really this was my only real choice. It stood out from the other possibles and yelled "me, me" so loudly I just couldn't ignore it.

6) Does this cover reflect your artistic preference?

Not really. I'm as eclectic in my artistic preferences as I am in the genres I write and read. A lot depends on what mood I'm in at the time. The important thing is that something 'speaks' to me.