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Thursday, April 2, 2015

All Authors = Unwanted Advocacy

Dear Readers, Writers and Precious Patrons,

All Authors is in need of bringing you an update, as well as some overall thoughts.

After much deliberation, All Authors has decided to close the All Authors Blog to the author community.

The All Authors Blog used to be a place where authors could come and showcase their stuff. It was a place for networking and sharing.
However, after about 2 years, it's become aware the author community is truly not interested in our services therefore we are closing it down to the author community and refocusing it on the members of AAPP.

That, brings me to this ...

All Authors Publications and Promotions had planned an Autism Awareness Fundraiser that was meant to benefit the participating authors, as well as potential readers and the Autism community. Close to 2 months ago, All Authors Started inviting people to join the Fundraiser. It was as simple as coming to the pages we created and "joining" the event.

The aim was simple:

1) Authors sold books during the event.
2) Authors donated a small portion of their royalties to the Autism Awareness Foundation.

The event was simply a medium for YOU (the author) to find a bigger reading audience and possibly sell books. THEN, make a small donation from your book sales to the Autism Awareness Foundation. Nothing more and nothing less.

This was said while the event was being advertised. Yet, apparently it seems like most authors were believing that we had some underhanded intentions, or who knows what, and so we had little to no support.
Due to the lack of support from the author community, we were put in the position of having to cancel the event. Unfortunate, indeed.
However, when All Authors announced the cancellation someone took the time to reply.

We have got to say, we are not angry at this person's reply. All in all, we are grateful as it helped to put A LOT of things into perspective.

Following, I'd like to share the comment:

Let's be clear, we are NOT attacking this person, but are grateful for their candidness.

Nevertheless, let's address some of the things said in this message.

1) The page had no information.

All right; the page may have had little information, but not no information. Had the author community filled out the Participation Form, or even reached out to the moderators of the page, more information would have been given. The purpose of having created a Participation Form was to then send out an email to the participants with all of the necessary details of the event. Which in all actuality was to sell books and make money while helping a good cause.

2) Paraphrasing here, "It's a dog eat dog world out there".

True. Very true. However, if the public would have taken the time to see the details of the event, they would have known that the point of it was to HELP THEM SELL BOOKS! Bottom line!

There is a reason why these things are being brought up.

Here it is ...

All Authors was created to OFFER AUTHOR ADVOCACY. Nothing more and nothing less! There is a saying that goes, "Actions speak louder than words".

For far too long the creators of All Authors heard the Author Community moan about not having a quality place that would help them market/promote their work and was affordable. So we created it.

Yet, for all of All Authors attempts to advocate for authors, it's more than obvious that authors do not want the help. They rather "fend for themselves".
It's a pity really, because 90% of the services we offer are FREE. Still, from the message posted above, it's also apparent that authors rather spend money on services. Once again, All Authors is grateful for that message. It helped to put things into perspective.

That brings us to this ...

All Authors has an enormous list of things that helps authors get the word out about their books. From THIS (the All Authors Blog) to the All Authors Magazine and many other things. HOWEVER, due to the blatant rejection of our services, we've decided to ultimately make several significant changes. There will be a very large restructuring of All Authors Publications and Promotions.

It's sad really, because all we ever wanted to do was help, but if our help isn't wanted then we will no longer pester people with the offering of it.

Thank you for your time.

All Authors Publications & Promotions