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Monday, November 24, 2014

Double New Release Spotlight (Kali Tenee and Angela "Lykebudda" White)

Today on All Authors Blog, we are in for a special treat.  Two talented ladies have released their poetry collections in close proximity of each other, so what better way to celebrate than to give them special spotlight.

Title: sky shore sea
Author: Kali Tenee

Blurb: A collection of poems written with the mind, body and soul in mind, "sky shore sea" is an inspirational and cathartic exploration of self-discovery. Almost journal-like, the poems become a footprint of the author's journey through life and love. From love of nature, self-love and soul mate love...this personal work brings about conscious thought as well as one's awareness in the world. "sky shore sea" has one purpose connect the readers, not just to the author...but to themselves.

Available NOW on CreateSpace!

About the Author:

Kali Tenee was raised in a home where books and learning were second nature. As a child, she was an honor student, even skipping a grade...whose love for books and written word were apparent as early as 4. 

Poetry and creative writing became Kali's personal dream space and could be found sketching characters to accompany her notebook stories. 

As an adult, by way of social media, Kali found herself blogging, sharing her poetry and venturing into erotica. She is currently working on releasing her first novel and is a self-taught graphic artist whose company Fancy Face Kreations is in its beginning stages of a small business.

In her spare time, Kali enjoys cooking, crafting, nature-watching, amateur photography and music.

Title: Lykebudda: Windows to my Soul (As the Budda Flows Volume II)
Author: Angela "Lykebudda" White

Blurb (in the author's own words): This is the continuance of As the Budda Flows as I share more intimate pieces of my life. Windows of my Soul is me opening my heart before the world. Cut and dry, straight to the point, unapologetically transparent. My poetry is for those who love hard with no regrets. Follow the drips of my love.

Available NOW on CreateSpace and Amazon!

About the Author:

Smart, witty, and very outspoken mother, poet, blogger,and now self published. All of my poems are true to life, written from my experience of love, happiness and pain. Transparent. It all started for me after many years of falling in love and living life. The first spark happened when I discovered my first heartache and rejection. The no holds barred appeal is my personality. Real, truthful, blunt, and unapologetic. You will enjoy and definitely relate. Thank you for your support.

With the second installment of As the Budda Flows , Lykebudda: Windows to my Soul, continues her no holds barred approach with her poetry. Spanning four different facets of her soul. She gives you just what you need with her charismatic and direct deliverance of her pieces. If you are looking for the real, don't look any further. You will finish this book wanting more.

Two poetic works; two phenomenal ladies.  For real talk that touches the spirit, make these books a staple in your library.