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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Author Spotlight; M.H. Newhouse


Today All Authors Blog brings you a short story by Author M.H. Newhouse called The Ice Woman.

About the author:

I have a wild imagination and love to create funny stories and books for children and adults. My latest book is called HOW TO SELL YOUR BOOKS CHECKLIST, and I hope it will help many authors "tame the marketing monster." I am the host of Author's Beat, a free half hour podcast at Blog Talk Radio and have given away free materials to stop bullying at Bully Stoppers Club. My world is filled with weird characters and places and I am grateful to my wife and family for putting up with my creative urges. As the publishers of AimHiPress we will be focusing on producing books and a website to help our fellow authors. We welcome your ideas. I hope I did this right? 

About the book:

The Blurb

Why does a man devote his time each Christmas carving the statue of the beautiful Ice Woman? That is the question a devoted son is determined to understand when he reluctantly leaves his family in Florida to spend the holidays with his father in snowy Maine. In the hushed silence of a Christmas Eve snowfall, the echo of a woman's laughter may be a miracle, or only a dream. Who is the ice woman? Is his father crazy, or is the son about to discover the secret of eternal love and holiday joy? Share your holidays with someone you love and the Ice Woman. 

The Ice Woman is a haunting love story from the multi-award winning author of Ectos: The Ghost Doctor's Assistant and Ectos 2: The Burning, paranormal thrillers from Solstice Shadows. The Midnight Diet Club won 1st Prize YA Fiction in the Florida Writers' Association Royal Palm LIterary Awards and The Rockhound Mysteries won the Teachers' Choice Award from Learning Magazine. His stories have won various honors, including being named a winner in the Writers' Digest competition, and appear in Tales2Inspire, Journeys, The Florida Writers' Association Collections, and other anthologies and periodicals. 

The Solstice Ice Woman is a heart-warming story that will gently pull you into its folds and have you believing that true and everlasting love can transcend time, circumstance and yes, even death – a very enjoyable read.

The Cover

The Author's thoughts about the story

I love this story because it is a celebration of eternal love and family relationships, which begins as a mystery when an elderly man's son can't understand why his elderly father insists on sculpting "The Ice woman" in his Maine backyard every Christmas. I think it helps people realize what is really important, not just at Christmas, but every day of the year.