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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Declassified Heat: Synful Desire Speaks on Convoluted Prism

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Today All Authors is proud to have All Authors Publishing House's Synful Desire.  For the first time ever, she gives details on her upcoming novel "Convoluted Prism."

Hello Wonderful Readers!  I’m happier than a woman getting chocolate covered strawberries “just because” to be featured here.  All of you are in for a treat as I share with you a little about my upcoming novel Convoluted Prism.

Extended Blurb:

What happens when one person’s idea for your life doesn’t mirror your own?

When Edna Desire stumbles onto some steamy literature regarding her granddaughter’s sexuality, she seeks remedy in the form of the Program.  The Program’s purpose is to rehabilitate individuals who have homosexual proclivities.  Synful Desire is sent away as the newest patient. 

Synful Desire agrees to attend the Program to keep her grandparents from fighting.  She finally relents to receiving strictly one-on-one therapy with psychologist Dr. Maven Cuberte.

As psychologist Dr. Maven Cuberte works one-on-one with Desire, it leads him to question all areas of his life—from his relationship to his wife and his dedication to the Program to the whole pretense of the program altogether.

Overall, all roads lead back to Synful Desire as she struggles for the right to live her most authentic life.

So what makes Convoluted Prism a classification challenge?

Convoluted Prism is about as complex as I am when it comes to overall structure. 

It is part autobiographical because a lot of the things discussed are events that did happen to me.  

It is part fiction because I designed a story line around the real experiences.  Although the majority of the characters are based on real people, you will find just as many characters that function to serve the fictional story line aspect only.

It is part poetry because I do sprinkle a bit of it here and there in the narrative.

It is just really a hard book to truly classify or put in a specific genre because it has so many different parts to it.  Yet it wouldn’t be true to me if I didn’t. (sneaky grin)

Convoluted PrismComing soon!


While you are patiently waiting, here are some of my current works to check out:

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Note: This work was first featured in Issue 3 of All Authors Magazine.

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All right!  I think that covers it.  Thank you so much for having me over.  If you want to connect with me, all my networking information is underneath my logo.

Until next time,