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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A "Rising" Invasion (featuring Da'Kharta Rising)

Da'Kharta Rising

Today All Authors is honored to showcase Da'Kharta Rising.  Getting her to come out is almost as hard as getting Harrison Ford to do interviews so we definitely cherish this time with her.  Miss Rising, take it away:

What’s good?  Luckily a lot of things.

(Wait!  Is cussing allowed on here?  Well, just in case it's not I will keep it to a minimum or nonexistent.)

1st off: a Phonics lesson if you will.  Simply because I already know some folks are going to mess up my name.  First name is Da’Kharta.

  • Da= like “Duh”
  • Khar= like “car” (what you drive)
  • Ta= like “Tata, for now”

Rising is self explanatory.  I mean, how can anyone f (sorry had to catch myself) that up?

Only adaptations of my name I will respond to are:

  • D
  • Kar 
  • DR (my initials) or if you are want to be uber proper,

“Miss Rising” (not Mrs.  Do I look old to you, and even if I do, don’t say it!)  Not my style.

My writings are of a dark somewhat sarcastic nature.  You won’t find any chic lit here.  There’s enough of that out as it is.  Why should I add to the pot?  I have no aspirations to prove that I can dabble in a little of this and a little of that.  I’d rather master what’s already in my sick twisted mind than to have happy thoughts flood in and get dammed on sight.

My recent short story “Vocal Remedy” is available on Smashwords, Goodreads and Scribd.  Vigilante type goodness without the risk of being jailed or the cost of getting bailed out. (#FREE)

Blurb: Vaser is not surprised when Mr. Choice selects him. He does have a great voice and only the best should compete to win the cash prize for the music program. Everything falls into place as Vaser prepares to deliver a vocal remedy to compose his own award winning tune.

Genre: Psychological Dark Drama

My next release will be another short story entitled “Simi’s Komma”.  I’m giving All Authors an exclusive by giving you an excerpt:

Yeah shocker! #RisingAlert


Two evergreen trees sat on either side of Sentence Avenue.  In front of one tree was a blue-gray marble sign.  Shiny gold words were embossed on the sign's surface.  It read: Welcome to Papyrus.

Papyrus was like any small town.  Sentence Avenue was the one major street.  If one was to ask a local for his address, he may not be able to tell you the name of his street.  He'd probably say “two roads off of Sentence” or he would name a landmark just on the outskirts.  Sometimes, even the GPS would get confused.  That was a testament to the small construction of Papyrus.

No one would have taken note of this town if it weren't for what occurred.  There had been so much speculation—the main one being motive.  Did things really have to turn out this way?

No, Hiphen wasn't featured on Dateline.  No money was offered by any magazines (tabloids included) or any enticement of a book deal.  The record had to be set straight by someone who was actually there and knew the people involved.  Hiphen was that connection.  It is for that reason alone he granted me permission to share his story with the world.  

This is where my intro ends and his story begins.  


Hi.  The name's Hiphen.  The “ph” is pronounced like an “f” but the rest is as it looks.  My parents are blue collar and proud of it.  My dad works as a local mechanic while my mom stocks at the local supermarket.  If they ever yearned for more in life, I never knew of it.  They never complain: begin and end each day with smiles on their faces.  Perhaps that was why not too much ever bothered me.

In the house right across the street from me lived this guy named Piereod.  He's “Rod” for short.  I don't believe Rod's parents were in their right minds when they named him.  Think about it!  Who would name their kid after a girl's menstrual cycle?  That was merciless teasing waiting to happen!  Rod and I got along right away.  His dad and my dad loved fishing and playing spades.  They would go fishing on Saturday mornings and play spades on Saturday nights.  Spades’ nights used to be Sundays but since my mom got saved years ago, she didn't want any “gambling” done on the Lord's Day.  My dad respected that and moved it.

Two houses down from Rod resided Exclaim.  Rod and I gave her a rough time when her family first moved to Papyrus.  Rumor had it that Exclaim's mom and dad wasn't her biological parents.  That was a new thing to Papyrus so we didn't treat her fairly.  One can only tease someone so much before she reaches the limit. Exclaim's limit came the day Rod stole her bike from her front yard.  We thought she was going to cry and tell her parents: typical girl shit.  No—she hunted Rod down and pummeled him something fierce.  After that we had a new found respect for Exclaim and never teased her again.  A few years back, she declared that we call her “Point.”  When Rod and I asked why, she told us it sounded more masculine and fit with her tomboy image.  With her elfin cut, athletic build and boyish clothes, we tended to forget “Point” was a girl. That's how she preferred it.

Slightly diagonal to Point's house was where the fourth and final member of our squad lived.  His name was Simi.  We all hung out at his house the most because it was the biggest house on the block.  Although Simi's parents came from money, they never acted like they were better than others in the neighborhood.  Once people picked up on their down-to-earth nature and generosity, the initial cold shoulder thawed.  At times, I thought Simi's life was a lonely one.  Simi's father was an international banker so he did a lot of traveling. Simi's mom and dad divorced when Simi was very young but the split was amicable.  She visited Simi as often as she could and would bring him gifts after her travels.  Simi's mom did off Broadway shows as well as infomercials.  A few times, she would even hand out some of the products from the commercials.   It was as if Simi raised himself but he took it all in stride.

end of excerpt

Enjoyed what you’ve seen so far?  Then stay tuned.  Perhaps you might not have to wait long but that’s all up to my publisher.

I'm out!